Simple Healing Bath

Clovistia’s Simple Healing Bath This was channeled by Clovistia and is a simple healing bath.  It will cleanse and release the negativity from your physical body, and change the molecules in the water to open your Soul to receive needed healing from the Divine Source and Universal Consciousness. Healing can come from many planes of consciousness and this simple healing bath works wonderfully. Just follow…


The New Paradigm and Coronavirus

The Earth has recently been enveloped in a spiritual serum that will permeate all living things on this planet from humans to water, to air, to grass, to fish to rocks. All things with a frequency vibration will be affected. The spiritual serum is contained within a virus. It is important to understand that the Divine Source created this moment in time. The virus is a vehicle for all humans and creatures to reach their maximum enlightenment birth goals and beyond.


What is a Divine Conduit?

Humans have an endless spiritual appetite to learn and grow. You may not be aware of it, but every choice you make takes you down a path of learning from the Divine Source. You are a terrestrial being drinking from a tree of knowledge that is Divine in frequency.


Doorway To The Soul

What if what you eat determines your rate of enlightenment? What if you can take control of this enlightenment process to increasingly magnify your ascent by assisting your Soul on the journey to enlightenment that you mutually share?


Do Humans Have Spiritual Instinct?

Do humans have Spiritual Instinct? Have you ever noticed that the Divine Source has given all the creatures on this planet the ability to survive, magically it would seem? Creatures seem to arrive into this life pre-programmed to survive. They seem to instinctively know how to seek safety, find food or water or shelter, recognize their mother, parents, tribe or herd. They have wisdom beyond…


The Power Of “One”

The Power of "ONE" the idea of a higher powerThe idea of a higher source and a connection with that source is a fundamental idea that is contained in all languages and religions through the course of history. Yet, we continue to search for deeper ideas and concepts to help explain that connection. We read religious books from other religions. We search for books and keywords…


Who or What is Clovistia?

Who or What is Clovistia? For reasons I don’t fully understand, I have been charged with imparting the wisdom, through channeling, of my 12th dimensional star-self named Clovistia. I am not sure where this journey will take any of us, I only know that it must be made available to the universal consciousness. As my journey begins, you are welcome to join me. Clovistia first…



Interconnected God. Allah. Yahweh. Brahma. Artemis. Enki. Bagwan. Ahura Mazda. Jehovah. Zeus. Roog. Vishnu. Chukwu. Nyame. Olodumare. Ngai. Odin. Ea. ShangDi. Wakan Tanka. More…. The Divine Source is known by many names, but is in fact one in the same throughout millennia of time. He alone created earth, humanity and many paths to follow him. Deep within you there is an underlying awareness that all…


Divine Frequency

Divine Frequency Frequency permeates all humans and all things. It is easy to understand that there’s a frequency that affects all human beings, but it is harder to understand and accept that there is also a frequency in everything around you. All different sorts of frequencies. Your cells, DNA, viruses, insects, water, space, planets, the Sun, moon, clouds, trees, rocks (yes rocks), colors, etc. There…

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