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Your personal journey has drawn you here today to read and understand a concept vital to enhance your spiritual growth. These words will help you go deep within your divine spiritual center to the source where they resonate. Your journey has brought you here to understand how you are connected in the universe and what role you may play. You currently may be looking at religions or atheism or other spiritual concepts as outlets to enhance or discover your spiritual journey. You may be seeking in­­dividuals for guidance, and you may feel like you need to search. But what you may really be seeking is the answer to just how it all works and comes together.

{Clovistia, through channeling this blog, attempts to help us understand what really happens on the astral plane, the universal consciousness, and our connection to the Divine Source. Enlightening your purpose in life to help push all of us forward in this life, to move to a higher dimension, and to become increasingly enlightened. Today’s channeling session is a continuation of these concepts.

Your search has brought you here to learn about your connection to the cosmos that is built within your spiritual body. It is a cosmic portal of sorts, on this planet there is no word in any language that describes this spiritual portal. However, on Pleiades it is known as Yavpa(Yav-pie), so I will refer to it as such. Yavpa resides within your spiritual center as your unique cosmic connection, an cosmic IP address of sorts. It identifies you as a unique spiritual being for identification on the astral plane when communicating with the universal consciousness. At the point of Yavpa, at this single point, you can be visualized it as a divine frequency loop that begins on the astral plane, then enters your human body thru your Yavpa, facilitating the point of connection where the Divine Source, Universal Consciousness and you are ONE. This connection conducts the divine frequency so that you become one with the consciousness. It prevents you from becoming detached. When you die it is thru this Yavpa opening that you return to the divine aka Paradise, Heaven, and by so many other names.

Yavpa creates a vast synergy and depth of frequency awareness that is transpiring between all living things through divine frequency; all humanity, all animals, water, creatures, fishes, insects, leaves, even rocks, entities, terrestrial and  non-terrestrial, beings from other planets, galaxies. All that is, all that was, all that will be.

Everything has a frequency and resides in the universal consciousness connected through your Yavpa. All that is, all that was, all that ever will be on the Akashic record and your point that resonates within.

Your Yavpa is the point where everything exchanges and the frequency of sound, color, awareness that you have acquired through earthly incarnating and enlightenment radiates through the portal connecting you to the divine within all things and the divine source itself. Your frequency enhances the cosmic algorithm thus exploding your enlightenment and driving you on your spiritual journey. Yavpa is located on humans thru your soft sternum. Yavpa binds you onto the astral plane and universal consciousness while you are in this terrestrial form. The greater your enlightenment the greater frequency can be transported through your Yavpa so that the information can flow easily and quickly back-and-forth. It allows the divine aspect of the consciousness to be able to enter your awareness and body so that it can experience all that you are.

You are exactly where you are supposed to be . . .

The good, the bad, the ugly, the intent, the desires. It is the divine source‘s method of knowing exactly what’s happening at all times, past, present and future. Since all time is happening at once the divine source literally has the pulse on all awareness of all things, at all times, at the exact same time. It is this uniqueness of the divine source to be able to do this. Different planets allow this stream to be greater or smaller. Earth is known for its ability to transfer evil uniquely making it unique from other planets in the galaxy. The information from this planet brings a depth of frequency that is unique to Earth. Many entities are eager to incarnate here to benefit from the unique experiences only available on Earth. Likewise, if you want extreme peace, you would be seeking to incarnate within the frequency of other planets, Pleiades for example, with its rich depth of profound peace is a desired location.

You are exactly where you are supposed to be, at the exact time you are supposed to be here. Everything in one exact place, at one exact time, all the frequency of everything distilled down to a tiny dot of everything. This is the Yavpa point of connection. All the emotions, all the frequencies, colors, feelings. A myriad of choices all welded together as a giant pulsating divine existence. It is what the divine is, it is the best description of the divine source. It is the way the divine can know and be all. It allows for the divine source to sanction or not sanction acts
and behavior necessary and needed on the universal plane for all to benefit. Nothing happens that is not sanctioned by the divine source. Yavpa allows the divine to know virtually all things literally from all vantage points and perspectives.

You may feel the truth emanating through your Yavpa. Honor your truth now that you know where it exists. Your understanding of your personal Yavpa and how you are connected helps you understand the meaning behind your existence. It facilitates spiritual growth and conductivity. Feel it, be aware of it, learn to communicate with it.

Profound change is coming to this planet and your understanding of your place in the cosmos will benefit all. We will speak more about this at another time.

This is all for now.

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