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There are thousands of lightworkers on this planet right now, and they, like you, have been called to Earth at this unique time for a very specific reason : to save this planet.

WHAT IS A LIGHTWORKER? It is someone who may be a spiritual person, priest, imam, astrologer, Buddhist leader, spiritual friend, person who channels, religious person of all faiths, various modalities, etc. and are united in the name of the Divine Source. They come in all shapes, backgrounds, modalities, teachings, atheists. Yet, they all are here to assist in aligning the frequency of the humans around them, rather they are aware or not. The aura and health of this planet is toxic and dying. The specific frequency that needs to be acquired will neutralize the toxicity and bring health back to this planet. You are all here for a reason, you are needed, you are being called to help.

Frequency is at the heart of enlightenment, which is what is needed right now as humanity wages war to save this planet from the toxicity that has enveloped this planet’s aura.

Who do you resonate with in your life? Have you found a lightworker yet? 

Humans need to open their auras to receive the new frequency that is being distributed by the active Lightworkers who are spreading the frequency through their voices, thoughts, prayers, in the background of enlightened beings. They all have been activated on this planet to offer different divine frequencies to help humanity and assist in expanding the spiritual growth on this planet. All lightworkers are from the same divine truth and intention to accelerate your frequency on Earth as we move forward as Sacred Spiritual Warriors.

There is a Spiritual Buffet of lightworkers on this planet right now to choose from, and more being born each day. Young and Old souls, youngsters, elders, terrestrial and non-terrestrial, visitors from other planets that reside on the astral plane all joining together, uniting in this moment in time. There are many, many thousands scattered all over this planet trying to push the new Divine frequency into alignment with all other humans, uniting everyone into a giant unit of the specific frequency that is needed.

You may find that you will be exposed to many lightworkers, and you may wonder which one to choose. As much as possible seek out lightworkers that share a similar frequency to you, that speak to your divine heart, that resonate and make you thoughtful, purposeful in your own journey to enlightenment. You may be drawn to their words, their ideas, their suggestions. It may feel good to just be in their presence. Group prayers. Groups of friends discussing enlightenment. Synergies are being created. You may begin to be a magnet to draw other similar humans to the frequency that resonates within you and your spiritual words.

You may find your own thoughts are changing, your mind may be enveloped in change or thirsting for something different than what you know now or what you may be currently doing. You may have to take some risks and put yourself out there, it may be uncomfortable at first, but soon you may seek this new frequency and your thirst may not be quenched. Your circle of friends may change.

You all need to acquire this new oscillating specific frequency, that feels so different, but is the same frequency for all. It will just arrive in different wrappers for everyone so it seems different, but in reality it is in fact a Spiritual Buffet for you to choose from for what makes sense to you. What feels good and right. Just know that all lightworkers share the same goal cloaked in an appearance of difference, but the ultimate goal is the same.

If the consciousness of humanity can align itself with this specific new frequency it will cause a change in the universal consciousness and the molecular structure of this planets DNA and aura. This frequency will permeate the known universe and all the universal consciousness through all time it will resonate and heal a time compendium that is at present leaking planetary energy. This new healing frequency affects all that is, all that was, all that will be, permeating all time and space. This is what is needed to destroy the toxicity that is seeping into the aura and consciousness of this planet. You can feel it, because you are here. Your inner self is calling you to a higher cause, a selfless cause, to join in the fight that must, at all cost, be won.

If you hear my words and you find they resonate within you, if they are thought provoking, I will be truly pleased. If you hear another lightworker’s words and you are drawn to their frequency, I am equally pleased. It is not a competition. It is not a quest. It is a journey to enlightenment for all. This new Divine Frequency must be heard by as many humans as possible. It must become personal to you, so that you share it. Listen to your heart and let it lead you to the souls that you need to surround yourself with. Keep your frequency open to new change and growth, this spiritual war must be won.

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