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Words that are so similar, yet so different. Can Selflessness save your Soul? What drives your spiritual health and growth? Acts of kindness, and especially acts of Selflessness, can drive your Soul to deeper, faster enlightenment, but why?

The definition of selflessness, aka altruism, is when you act to promote someone else’s welfare, even at a risk or cost to yourself. Evolutionary scientists speculate that altruism has deep roots in human nature because helping and cooperation were required to promote the survival of our species over time. Sadly, we are losing this instinct and the results to humanity are unknown.

Look at yourself, how selfless are you? Do you offer a seat on the bus to an elderly or handicap person? Would you reach out a hand to help a person threatened? Do you think from a selfless vantage point? Do you donate to those in need? Or has your selfish nature taken over and you are comfortable ignoring the humans around you? Is being selfish now the new norm of acceptable behavior in society? Do you and your welfare matter before all else? Does age/gender/money play a factor? Should it?

How about your religious life? Does your religion require selfless acts as a mandate to get to Heaven or Paradise? Could you live an entire lifetime, never help anyone, and still feel that you have achieved or are entitled to a place in Paradise? When you stand at the doorway to Heaven will you feel entitled to entry when you have lived a life void of selflessness which is inherently part of humanity, and have instead chosen yourself above all others? Do my questions make you think differently? Will you find yourself standing alone with your selfishness? If you are an atheist and you are selfless, how does that fit in? If there is no God, is there any reason to help anyone, even yourself?


Selfless acts change your frequency. The act itself is like the deep roots of a tree in the Universal Consciousness. You may have felt the awareness or desire to be selfless. You see a person in need, and you have an unknown urge to help and decide quickly to step in. Where did that feeling come from? Was it in your mind or in your heart? Once you have helped the person, did you feel different? Lighter? Spiritually healthier? That is a frequency change. That is what you are seeking on your path to connection with your higher self on the astral plane. Working together, as a team, You + your Higher self to achieve enlightenment is essential. Deepening your connection is one of the components of why you decided to incarnate as a human, instead of something else. Spiritual growth brings you closer to understanding the Divine Source you are bound together with. You are not walking alone on this journey to enlightenment. But, it is time to begin to communicate on a deeper level in order for you to move forward.

When you act selflessly it charges the energy and divine frequency that unifies you, your higher self and the Divine Source in the Universal Consciousness. It has an actual physical change and impact on your life. It does not go unnoticed, no, it has an effect. It radiates down through your Yavpa onto the astral plane. The frequency permeates and changes everything it touches, enhancing the experience of others connected to you and your spiritual group all in real time. Which means by nightfall of each day, you are a different person. But, are you better?

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