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Divine Frequency


It is easy to understand that there’s a frequency that affects all human beings, but it is harder to understand and accept that there is also a frequency in everything around you. All different sorts of frequencies. Your cells, DNA, viruses, insects, water, space, planets, the Sun, moon, clouds, trees, rocks (yes rocks), colors, etc. There is a frequency in everything you can image and each of their components. Out in the vastness of the galaxies and universe there is an awareness of frequency that ripples through the entire universe. This frequency vibrates and causes the entire universe to move the tiniest amount that seems so imperceptible yet is the greatest proof of the Divine Source. 

Every Galaxy has their own frequency and smell, each of the planets and moons and stars all have a unique frequency. Tethered within these frequencies is the perpetual fact that all things are interconnected by the Divine Source. This single Divine Source is the single perpetual driver of clarity through all that humans know as infinite space, time and awareness. There is only one Divine Source.  You as a human being have been given a challenge quest to adjust your frequency to be more in line with the Divine Source. The closer you are with the frequency of the Divine Source the greater and deeper awareness and understanding you will be able to absorb by all around you. By being connected you will become the teacher as well as the student. You will be able to reach depths of ascension that will propel you through this life to a higher state of consciousness. This frequency that is so unique and sought after, it is yours to reach and grasp. It is not as elusive as humans would believe. But it does require you to be willing to change. To be willing to step into a darkness that may seem like an abyss, but in fact will shine with the brightest light of the cosmos when you connect to the universal consciousness that is your destiny. This is the truth of the physical plane. 

{Clovistia, through channeling this blog, attempts to help us understand what really happens on the astral plane, the universal consciousness, and our purpose in life to help push all of us forward to ascend in this life, to move to a higher dimension,  and to become increasingly enlightened. Additionally, it is impossible to discuss the Divine Source without identifying a gender within the context of grammar.  This idea would result in my writing “It” repeatedly. I am offended by the term “It”, so I will use “He” in order to share the concepts.  However, this is not a statement of fact. Clovistia consistently identifies the Divine Source as gender-less. }

What about the ethereal plane, the one you cannot see?

Intent is a major driver of frequency in the ethereal plane. In this realm evil and hate battle with love and truth to gain control of humanity. These two factions have extreme frequencies like oil and water. They cannot co-exist. Minor factions like hope and fear are like two sides of a coin. One cannot exist without the other. You cannot know love without hate. Nor fear without hope. If you were able to see these ethereal frequencies you would see that it is like a sound wave moving through time that is moving in, around and through you.  It affects your very existence. It affects your DNA, the viruses (both good and bad) that have taken up residence inside of your being. Taking a further step into your core being you would see that this frequency extends to the Divine plane affecting your Soul and ascension. In this realm prayer is your lifeline. By using prayer, you connect with the Divine Source in a very intrinsic way that radiates through every tiny cell, DNA, within you. You have a direct connection on a dedicated conduit to share with the Divine Source so that he experiences every frequency, no matter how small.

  The Divine Source feels and understand this all-knowing frequency that he receives and guides humanity and you. Your thoughts, hopes, dreams, peace, truth, etc. are all interconnected in this realm. Evil, hate, racism, plunder, treachery, etc. reside here as well. Your salvation? Connect with the Divine Source through prayer, by whichever method of prayer that you know and accept. Prayer is simple. It means the connection to the Divine Source.

It transcends religion, words and conversation. It is a frequency that is so pure that it can overcome all other frequencies so that it is felt immediately by the Divine Source for him to acquire, understand and use immediately to protect humanity from within these ethereal walls that humans know so little about. Let prayer help you step inside this frequency. Let it teach you how to grow from within. You must allow it consciously for the frequency to change from negative to positive. Needless to say, a negative frequency of evil, hate, etc. prevents or slows your enlightenment when this frequency lies within you and should be removed. Frequency outside of you is experiential and will be there to create change within you. You really are the creator of your own destiny once you understand how the different frequencies affect your environment, experiences, ethereal plane and spiritual growth. To add to the complexity and confusion, all things that have frequencies are affected by their own connection with the Divine Source and the connection with those around them. This means that you will have a natural desire to surround yourself with other people and things that enhance your own opportunities for enlightenment. A synergy is developed and build upon to grow and grow. The circle of life, growth and rebirth through awareness of all that is divine. This is all for now. #Clovistia 


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