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Learn to Listen to Your Spiritual Self

Learn to Listen to your Spiritual Self


You may have experienced it.


That voice inside your head that often guides, warns, or comforts you. The voice that women experience more than men, but known by many names; Higher Self, Angels, Woman’s Intuition, Spiritual Group, Guardian Angels, The Silent Choir.


These voice/voices are known by many names, but all serve the same purpose: to inform you ahead of time of something that might happen. Is there a first step to learning to communicate with it/them? Learning to listen / understand will require you to learn DO NOT EDIT the incoming information.

At first your natural instinct will be to convert the information to something you know or want. But this cannot be allowed, or the information will not be pure. It will be tainted by current views and opinions. You want the pure form which is typically the correct form. How do you learn to listen to yourself?

There are different tricks, but a common option is to imagine a wall socket and you are holding the plug. Ask myself a yes or no question for example:

Is this person safe? Yes or No.

Attempt to insert the plug into the wall socket. If the plug stays in the wall, it is Yes. If it falls out it is No. This is a simple place to begin. Once you develop your communication with your voice you can expand your skills. But always remind yourself DO NOT EDIT the incoming information for success.

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