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Reincarnation 1: Is it real?

Here is a crazy idea! what if you have lived before, perhaps many times. What if locked inside you, there are memories of people, places, things, all waiting to be remembered. What if you have lived before!

The discussion between humans is endless when it comes to understanding Reincarnation.
Some serious questions exist out there, so let’s try to answer a few.

“I do not remember any past life or lives; therefore, they do not exist.”
If you do not remember any past lives; it doesn’t mean that they do not exist. It means that your Soul has not ascended enough so that remembering would be beneficial to your Soul. For those who do not remember, you are not ready at this awareness, and may never be ready in this lifetime. Remembering can be shocking to the personality, so it needs to benefit your Soul to be allowed to remember, otherwise there are no benefits.
If you need to remember, your Soul will guide you to a correct life that it determines will be beneficial
to your ascension for you to remember, and the memories will begin to show up in your awareness and/or dreams. They may already be there. 

“God does not allow reincarnation in any religion”.
Humans are so limited in their thinking about ascension and enlightenment.
Are you standing in your own way?
Do you honestly believe that one lifetime is adequate to learn everything a human Soul needs to learn? 
Do you honestly believe that the Divine Source would only give you one lifetime to get everything right and if you make mistakes you are discarded to hell fire forever?
Do you truly believe that you only get one life, one single opportunity, to succeed?
Ask the little voice inside of you, and be open minded to the answer, it may surprise you.

Humans are an optimistic species. They see the beauty that surrounds them, as well as hidden beauty. 


Clovistia Ocean

But, all religions try to control humans by threatening them with a test between haven and hell. Hell in some form or another has been taught by mouth or religious books going back well beyond Zoroaster and others. The threat of eternal pain gets the attention of most humans at some point in their lives. It causes humans to stop and ask questions. 

Who am I?

Why am I here?

Why life?

 These questions begin a chain reaction that gets humans on the ascension path. Once you make the shift to seek answers to these questions, your journey to enlightenment will begin. You will seek a better answer to these questions. You will begin to demand to know a higher reason for existing and why we are here. This is the catalyst that launches your Soul on a trajectory of discovery. If you are here, you must be experiencing these types of questions.

Always remember that the Divine Source is endlessly generous to his beloved humans
and he wants you to succeed

The definition of success is what you need to begin to learn by understanding reincarnation.

There is so much to learn and so little time, a single lifetime is just not enough. The Divine Source is endlessly generous to allow you time to understand, grow, thrive, fail, try again and again. You are not discarded into hell fire. The Divine Source is a master recycler who allows Souls to come again and again;
growing, changing, ascending on your journey to enlightenment. 

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