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What is a Divine Conduit?

By October 31, 2019 April 11th, 2024 2 Comments

Humans have an endless spiritual appetite to learn and grow. You may not be aware of it, but every choice you make takes you down a path of learning from the Divine Source. You are a terrestrial being drinking from a tree of knowledge that is Divine in frequency. But Human bodies are too fragile to receive unfiltered direct Divine frequency and energy from the Divine Source, without risking your physical body. The frequency of the actual single, absolute, pure entity that is the Divine Source, that created all things, vibrates at a frequency that is impossible for humans to receive. It is for this purpose that the Divine Source has created Prophets, minor Gods (Hindu, Asian, Greek, Native American, Etc.), Lords, Saints, Angels, physical entry access points on the Earth, etc. to assist humanity in this spiritual journey here on Earth. He calls these Prophets Divine Conduits because they are absolutely necessary to protect the connection between your fragile human body and the Divine Source. Your delicate human body is not as utilitarian as in other previous incarnations. Lemurians for example had very ethereal bodies that accepted frequency quite readily. But modern Humans require the filtration by Prophets in this age of enlightenment. Prophets have been sent to Earth during recent times, in many, many different times and bodies, over millennia and during times long forgotten. The Divine Source has never given up on humanity and continues to persevere by sending Prophets to guide us.

These Prophets offer their Soul and physical body to act as a filter and conduit to receive the pure frequency. Once they receive it, their bodies/souls change the frequency to a safe frequency for Humans Souls/bodies to receive. It allows the frequency to morph into a frequency that can be easily assimilated and accepted by the Human soul and body. Through the course of time eternal, from the moment the Divine Source sanctioned that all things will exist and begin, these Divine Conduits have been made readily available for the many terrestrial beings that have inhabited this planet. For example: through thousands of years Hinduism has recognized hundreds of different Gods. Prophets are NOT purely the Divine Source; they are chosen by the Divine Source to be a conduit to transmit the energy and frequency so that Humans can accept it in a healthy way. These Divine Conduits stand by the hand of the Divine Source. They yield great power that Humans commonly understand as Gods and they offer a unique Divine path for followers to understand and follow. They allow the “chi” that is in your body to be healthy and create easy passage through your soul/being for the divine frequency to enter the Prophet and then to enter you, so that you can become enlightened.

Over the course of time, for millions upon millions of years, and longer, the Divine Source has provided conduits for this exact task. They allow a path for terrestrial beings to begin a journey of enlightenment upon their arrival on this planet and to build on these experiences over many lifetimes. Throughout those lifetimes, these conduits have been available to guide beings in the right way to experience, grow, and become increasingly enlightened. Within the core of your Soul is an ability to receive frequency through your prophets/gods/saints/et.  The omni-presence of the Divine Source causes your Soul to grow and re-emerge repeatedly over the millennia. This is recognized and a higher frequency of enlightenment emerges for each Human and Humanity. This creates a demand for fresh new conduits to lead the newly enlightened beings back to the true Divine Source, because the frequency MUST always be changing. If it was any other way, the old conduits, that you have long since outgrown and forgotten, would be merely able to generate the old frequency which would cause humanity to become stagnant, to remain fixed in a point of enlightenment, and you would not be you. Each conduit brings forward a new frequency which will be assimilated with the new physical being that the Divine Source creates in that time frame. Humanity has long since forgotten these old Divine Conduits for this very reason. You can and must change.

New Divine Conduits will come for this reason. This is not because any of the religious texts will foresee it, but because the frequency of humanity is changing. The ability of humanity to receive the incoming Divine frequency must change as well. The next Divine conduit will receive the new vibration at an entirely new frequency. This creates a gate for Humans will be able to assimilate to a higher degree of enlightenment. Humans must be able to accept this enlightenment in the way intended by the Divine Source. Therefore, the physical being is always changing. Nothing you are experiencing will remain the same. It will change. It will grow. I must for the Divine Source to educate your Soul to the highest and deepest degree.  Acceptance. Acceptance of the Divine Source through your current Divine Conduit is paramount for this Divine frequency to grow and allow you to transform into what is to come.

Wars have been fought over these Divine conduits which is entirely against the intent of the universe, the Divine frequency, Divine Source and all the laws of humanity. Your job, as a growing spiritual being, is to find a Prophet/Divine Source that feels right for your frequency. Find comfort in the words of this Prophet. Follow the words and path to the exact specifications of this Prophet. Your job is not to try to prove that your Prophet is better than another Prophet. It is not a competition. Each Prophet is performing the exact job given to him from the Divine Source. Your job is to follow the path you are following to the letter, without deviation. Do Not change any single word of the text of the Prophet that you follow. Nothing can be change, only follow and learn. This is the path that will lead you to enlightenment. The reverence, the prayers, the teachings, are all interconnected with the frequency of the Divine Conduit. Do not cause wars over any Prophet. Your days and life will be busy enough if you simply seek all the purity of the truth of your Prophet, learn all that you can learn. Study every detail and change your behavior to bring you closer to your Prophet. This is a massive amount of education and discipline that you MUST seek prior to the end of this life. Whomever you are following have the respect and reverence to follow the path with love and devotion because this is where the Divine Purity is through your Prophet. During this lifetime if you are compelled to begin to seek another path or Prophet, it is because your enlightenment and frequency is changing and your Soul is now thirsty for more challenges, guidance, truth. It is why you are here reading new information from and old, old Soul. The time is now for you to follow your Soul and become one to seek together the path that is needed to attain maximum enlightenment. Listen to your soul, it will guide you on the correct path of Enlightenment.

Acceptance of the Divine Source through your current Divine Conduit is paramount for this Divine frequency to grow and allow you to transform into what is to come.


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