sacred geometry

Sacred Geometry allows your Soul to experience the universe through mathematics and this is most visualized and absorbed through geometry. Your mind enjoys the patterns, colors, structured relationship between the visual components.  


Your Soul savors the opportunity to seek ascension and enlightenment. When you view SACRED GEOMETRY, it causes your Soul’s facets to open up and your mind steps inside the geometric pattern. This helps your Soul connect to the specific aspect in the geometry that will benefit your Soul alone.  


It creates a multi-dimensional experience that involves all six of your senses, through layers of divine depth. Another Soul seeing the same pattern will experience their own personal connection, spiritual growth and enlightenment. 

Sacred Geometry binds your Soul to the growth and ascension processes; then imprints the new sensory data to your DNA to amplify growth opportunities. This allows you to use this magical art and imagery as a stepping stone to enlightenment.  #Clovistia 

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