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How does one define that which cannot be described? God is known through time by a great number of Godly Names; God, Allah, etc. but this is simply a term on this planet to help you understand a force beyond descriptive words or understanding. God is a term to help you begin understanding spirituality, but sometimes this information simply does not fit into your head.

Let’s try and open your mind to spirituality and your relationship to it. Start to understand that there is a vast synergy and depth of frequency awareness that is transpiring between all things through divine frequency; all humanity, all animals, water, creatures, fishes, insects, leaves, even rocks, entities, terrestrial and non-terrestrial, beings from other planets, galaxies, emotions, all vibrational frequencies, colors, feelings, the good, the bad, the ugly, the intent, the desires.

A myriad of choices all welded together as a giant pulsating divine existence. All that is, all that was, all that will be. Everything in exactly one place, at exactly one time, all the frequency of everything distilled down to a tiny dot of divine connection allows the Divine Source to literally know EVERYTHING. It is the best description of the Divine Source and your relationship with it. In future I will discuss from this vantage point to help you understand how the divine universe works in coming posts.

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