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Your search has brought you here and I want to share with you your connection.

Your search has brought you here and I want to share with you your connection to the cosmos that is built within your earthly body. It is a cosmic portal of sorts, there is no word in your languages on this planet for this spiritual portal. But in the Pleiades it is known as Yavpa (Yav-pie), so I will refer to it as such. Yavpa is located on your human body on your soft sternum. Yavpa binds you onto the astral plane while you are in this earthly form. It is a cosmic IP address of sorts identifying you as a unique spiritual being for identification on the astral plane when communicating with the universal consciousness.

At the point of Yavpa, at this single point, when the Divine Source + the universal consciousness + you are connected you become ONE. This single point can be visualized as a divine frequency loop that begins on the astral plane then enters your human body thru your Yavpa allowing and conducting the necessary frequency for optimum conductivity. Importantly, it prevents you from becoming detached. It is your personal sacred connection to the Divine Source. Your Yavpa creates a portal of truth that is inescapable. It is the divine truth that you are seeking during your journey to enlightenment.

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