Reincarnation 1: Is it real?

Here is a crazy idea! what if you have lived before, perhaps many times. What if locked inside you, there are memories of people, places, things, all waiting to be remembered. The discussion between humans is endless when it comes to understanding Reincarnation. Some serious questions exist out there, so let’s try to answer a few.


Reincarnation 2: Who are you?

What if all this is true?

What if there is far more truth than you can imagine?

kar·ma, noun; the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.

A man murders a young child and is never caught. In the murder’s next life, he is a very sweet child, who is murdered by an assailant who is never caught. The concept is quite simplistic. In fact, it is so simplistic it seems that it cannot possibly be true. Yet, what if it is?

Reincarnation 3: Will you be this “personality” for eternity?

Are you worried about hellfire? What if you, and the memories of this life, cannot be erased? What if YOU will be YOU for all eternity? There is a fallacy in many religions that if you repent your sins will all be forgiven, and you will be absolved of all wrong doing. This is a very interesting theory. Will your memories be forgiven? yes, of course, the Divine Source is ever merciful. Will your memories be erased, no. You have made choices your entire life. If you caused harm to others, broke promises, committed crimes or atrocities, treated your loved ones badly, there is no erasing these memories.

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