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This was channeled by Clovistia and is a simple healing bath.  It will cleanse and release the negativity from your physical body, and change the molecules in the water to open your Soul to receive needed healing from the Divine Source and Universal Consciousness. Healing can come from many planes of consciousness and this simple healing bath works wonderfully. Just follow the steps and give yourself permission to receive the healing!

The following items will be needed:

  • Epsom Salt (magnesium sulfate)
  • Baking Soda (sodium bicarbonate)
  • Bathtub of water
  • Writing paper and pen.

1) Fill your tub with water.

2) The water temperature should be warm, and not hot or cold.

3) Fill the tub so that you can immerse your body up to your neck and keep all your body underwater for soaking.

4) Add 2 parts epsom salt to 1 part  baking soda.Depending on the size of the tub, for example: a small tub = 1 cup (340 grams) epsom salt and 1/2 (170 grams) cup baking soda.  For a larger tub use 2 cups (680 grams) epsom salt and 1 cup (340 grams) baking soda.

5) Gently mix the water around so that the powdered products can dissolve properly.

6) Next, take virgin paper, this is paper that has not been touched by others, because you don’t want their DNA affecting your cleanse.

7) Write words on the paper and gently tear around the words creating small pieces.

8) As you sit down with your pen and paper you should think about connecting with the Universal Consciousness. You may hear a small voice inside you giving ideas of healing words that you need.  They should be positive and personal to your spiritual journey. A few examples of words would be love, appreciation, forgiveness, truth, joy, enlightenment, health, etc. As you write each word imagine the healing you want for your Soul.  The words MUST be personal to you. Do not write words that are not personal to you or direct them at another person to receive change.

9) Write only one word on each bit of paper. You do not need to have a large number of bit of paper or words, just write the ones that really resonate and create a feeling inside you as you connect to the Universal Consciousness. Listen to your Soul. Start learning to let it guide you and connect to the Divine Source. Take all your bits of paper and rub them gently between your hands, making sure that both sides are touched, leaving your DNA on them and making them yours.

10) Once you have finished writing your important words, scatter them into the water and gently mix the bits of paper around.

11) The words in the water will change the molecular structure of the water molecules and create a personalized healing bath ready to receive your physical body. Once you are in the water, submerge all of yourself as much as possible.  Soak and let the healing satiate your Soul and physical body.

12) The epsom salt and baking soda create a synergy that will release negativity from your aura, body and Soul. The words heal and invigorate.

13) Once you are in the water, soak and let the healing that is released satiate your Soul and physical body.

14) Soak for as long as possible, but at least 15 minutes. Do not add extra water, because it will change the composition of what you created.  15) Focus on the words that you select and how they connect you to this life and the Universal Consciousness.  Allow the spiritual connection and relax to receive the healing.

16) Once you are finished, allow your body to air dry, if possible. Otherwise, gently pat dry.

17) The lingering spiritual connection will stay with you, and the healing will remain as you continue to work on your journey to enlightenment. Enjoy. #Clovistia

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