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Welcome to our journey as Clovistia channels information to help you deeply understand how you are connected to the Universal Consciousness.

Channeling is an altered state of consciousness where a person is said to receive information, thoughts or energy from a source outside of their body or conscious mind, that is believed to exist on a different level of awareness that is beneficial to HUMANITY.

Universal Consciousness is the glue that binds everything together between humanity and the Divine Source(God, by any name). It is known by many names: collective consciousness, universal mind, higher consciousness, etc. It is the state of being aware of all things and frequencies through all time, space, galaxies, yet at the same time, it is very personal to you. Universal Consciousness conducts the frequency that generates our awareness and we can feel our connection to it. It is the glue or binder that joins everything so that humanity can be absolutely aware of the Divine Source. It is kind of like a cosmic iPhone, because without it we cannot speak with the Divine.