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What is Human Life All About?

Are you a seeker?

Are Humans pre-programmed to seek ascension and the Divine Source?

Is it your Soul’s goal to arrive on this existence in one plane of consciousness, but to progressively grow through experiences to a higher plane of consciousness, so your Soul can depart on the highest plane of consciousness it can attain?

Yes, this is Life in a nutshell.​

Yes, this is Life in a nutshell.Your Soul is a multi-faceted complex entity guiding this experience…​​

So, how do you get to the end goal, end of life, on a higher plane?​

We get to the end goal by plugging into the Universal Consciousness …​

It is not simply finding religion, although that is a piece of the puzzle…​

It is not simply changing your lifestyle to be a better person, although that really helps…​

It is not simply seeking a higher viewpoint, although this is another component…​

It is not simply one magical item that will transform you.​

Ascension begins with a solid foundation.​

It is a connection with your very core being, cells, DNA.​

Once this foundation is built it becomes a conduit to connection with Universal Consciousness and understand the guidance.

This connection with Universal Consciousness is the entire beginning goal; in order to get you onto the right path and a higher plane.

Are you currently seeking a higher vantage point?
Do you seek religious books to guide you?
Do you choose people to follow?
Do you visit places to make pilgrimage?

You are a seeker, let your Soul guide you.

Your Soul craves what it already knows.
Your Soul craves connecting with where it has been.
Your Soul craves that connection with the Divine Source through Universal Consciousness.
You don’t consciously know it.
You may not have developed a plan to find it.

You must learn to listen to your Soul.

Your Soul is like a trunk of a tree.
You are simply a personality on one of the branches.
Your Soul knows the way to Heaven, to God, to the Universal Consciousness.

Listen. Listen. Connect. Connect.

Learn to listen and connect to the Universal Consciousness which will connect you with Divine Source.

Universal Consciousness enables the connection with the Divine Source.

The entire goal is to find that place within you that you can have a sound connection with Universal Consciousness and the Divine Source.

This transcends all doors and obstacles.

This opens your cells to ascension and builds a strong foundation.

It forms a scaffold to attach the next steps to.

Once you have connected with the Universal Consciousness,

You become a participant in your ascension,

not just a hitchhiker with no knowledge or understanding of how to get to a higher plane. It enables you.

Universal Consciousness is the vehicle for all growth and change that is to come.

It transforms you.

It connects you with the Divine Source to clear the way on your journey. 

If you are simply praying, but not connecting with the Divine Source, then it is just simply praying and NOT connecting. 

It only rises to a higher level when we connect with the Universal Consciousness and the Divine Source (God).

If you have ever prayed in a large group and had a unifying feeling then you just could not explain, but it made you feel part of something much bigger than yourself, you have connected with Universal Consciousness and the Divine Source.

Universal Consciousness is non-denominational. 

It transcends all religions, all humans challenges and frailties. It answers all questions.

It is the strength that we receive through the Divine Source to go forward and ascend to a higher plane. 

It is therefore paramount, mandatory, required, a prerequisite to strive for.

Universal Consciousness paves the way for your Soul’s journey to the afterlife, when you go home to be with Divine Source.

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