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What Color Is Your Soul?

The color of your skin doesn’t matter. Inside of you, once the wrapper is taken off, the wondrous color of your soul shines through and this is the crucial aspect that you need to begin to understand.  ​

Your soul reflects color that expresses your spiritual journey.  You, as a human, have been taught to suppress your own personal spiritual history because it would not be beneficial to others for you to know who you really are or where you’re going as a soul. If there was a window to look inside yourself that you could open to allow you to view and follow your soul’s progress, you would see that the colors are ever changing as you process new challenges and situations. You would see how your soul looks as it navigates different challenges and would allow you to see these challenges as opportunities for growth. You would see your soul guide you through the experiences of those choices to the exact spot you need to be for optimum growth and ascension. But, since we cannot see inside ourselves, we must learn to connect with the subtle hints that your soul gives you on a daily basis to guide you on this adventure known as life. How you meet challenges is a reflection of your personal history and journey. Have you experienced this challenge before? Did you handle it well? Have you been kept awake at night thinking about all the options you had, and why you chose the option you chose?

This is your soul trying to show you how to grow and change. How to see all the options. Your soul runs scenarios through your mind so that next time you may try a different choice that may lead to different results.

You may be unaware that you are connecting with the Universal Consciousness. But, you are plugging in to a vast resource that is at your finger tips ready to be used like a tool on your belt.  But, you fight this change in thinking because it is different. Your ego pushes back with these thoughts to stay the same, never change and you get stuck doing what you know, what is safe and, even if it provides little growth opportunities, you remain stagnant in old choices.  Try to open your spiritual doors to communicate with your Soul and the Universal Consciousness so you can see things from a higher perspective. As you evolve your abilities to connect with your inner self you become part of your personal journey. You’ve become an active player in your present, future and destiny instead of a player on the side lines, watching your life go by. You begin to see how life’s challenges cause you to grown and how each of your experiences have meaning and are not by chance.

This depth of meaning creates frequency changes that are seen on the other side as a panorama of color generated by your soul. Like a badge of acceptance, as you cross each hurdle and meet each challenge, it changes the color of your soul.

These colors express the depth of your own personal history that is within you, which has been earned by hard work and effort. You now have an opportunity to expand those colors. Personal challenge is between you and your soul. You are the only one that can affect change as you work with your soul and begin to become a team to effect change towards enlightenment. You cannot rely on others to make these changes for you.  You are an island in a sea of awareness that simply needs a guidance system to get you heading in the right direction towards enlightenment.

When you feel like a broken wing on a small bird and life is crushing you down, where nothing makes sense, you might be surprised that on the other side your soul is processing the data and your colors are shining bright as you internally grow and your personal history expands.

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