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Who are you in this life?
Are you a consumer or a creator?

A consumer is a person who takes from life repeatedly but offers little in return.  They are a closed Soul with no desire to achieve a higher enlightenment. They create havoc and drain the divine energy from the Souls around them. They are stuck in a spiritual bog and are too lazy to seek a way out through spiritual means. They prefer to wait for life’s opportunities to come to them, then pick and choose, instead syphoning positive energy from family, friends, co-workers. Do you consume and consume, yet give nothing in return? Do you pass up chances to proactively contribute and interact? You need to make a decision if you’re going to be sitting on the sidelines or worse, holding others back. Will you seek to change your old behavior in favor of seeking a path to enlightenment, universal consciousness and the Divine Source?

A Creator….

A creator is a person who is determined to seek ascension opportunities throughout their lives. Their Soul is wide open, eager to actively discover challenges that lead to a higher enlightenment. They engage with the Universal Consciousness and share divine energy and white light around them and multiply it with their own energy seeking greater chances at a higher level of enlightenment for you and those around you. Creators identify ascension opportunities that challenge them spiritually and causes change to their energy frequency. They actively learn new methods, places and people to enhance their divine frequency and share that frequency with others to elevate the Souls around them to share the universal consciousness to achieve a higher level of enlightenment. Deep within your Soul there is a desire to ascend to the highest level possible in this life. For these Souls that are working in the direction of higher ascension by meeting new challenges, to seek the truth, to follow the journey, to be willing to suffer hardship in order to reap the reward of divine light from the Divine Source. If this is you, then you are a creator will reap rich rewards in the spiritual realm from the Divine Source.

Which one are you?

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