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Oceans of Love

Love is the binder that is woven within our cells.

Uniting each to the sender of love

Permeating the souls around us as we pass

Attaching each of us to the universal consciousness

Which binds us for rich divine growth

Imagine yourself in a vast ocean of love

With swirls of love satiating within your cells and around you

As you move through life imagine the ocean is parting in front of you

Splashing into everyone you pass

Move through life and see this vast love saturate into every soul you meet

Greeting them with tenderness and acceptance

Seeping into tiny crevices of each and every cell

Elevating their consciousness

Share this beauty with other souls

As a ripple through the ocean

As you pass by others the wave will satiate into their beings

Uplifting their consciousness with love

They will then share with others as they pass through the day

and on and on

Creating an expanding ripple of love through the universal consciousness…

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