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Would it surprise you to know that the scaffold of many of your future experiences is all pre-ordained? The people, the events, opportunities, problems, choices that seem so very random, may already be governed by Sacred Spiritual Contracts that are developed between you, your Soul, other Souls, the Divine Source and the Universe consciousness, before your agreement to incarnate in this life and be born.

These spiritual contracts were signed before you came into being The stage was already set for the voices that will be heard through your life as the years unfold, and as each contract unfolds, all in the agreed upon with perfect intentions from the Divine Source. Sacred Spiritual Contracts challenge you and those that are joined within the contract. The spiritual growth can be created for all involved in the joining of frequencies. Contracts create a demanded bby their very terms to do or not do something. This signing is witnessed by the Divine Source’s hand and the universal  consciousness.

Whether events are good or bad, they are here for you to learn, grow, ascend and experience the challenges as demanded by those souls involved. Your choices, which may seem so profound, resonate into the souls around you through spiritual energy.

There is an exchanging with the other side and a joining of the universe’s frequency that permeates between all involved and within you.  The richness of participation as you meet the challenge of each contract and delve into the depths that only the joining of each Soul with the Universe can create.

Would it frighten you to know that before you ever came into this existence that you and your spiritual self, sat at an ascension table to discuss your progress with the Divine Source, Universe and others? Potential paths, options, relationships and events are evaluated. Opportunities for growth are reviewed, bargains between souls are made. Decisions for certain needed growth are determined. Sacred Contracts are created and reviewed for you to accept. You are asked to look within yourself, down to the refined purest form of your soul, and what you need for ascension.

What would be best for you? What could you accomplish and what change could you spark to run through many lifetimes. All souls that are included in the contract become interwoven within your cells and DNA. Your spiritual energies merge and join during those times for optimum growth for both. The acts by you and others you have contracted with will alter the frequency in your aura, that of the participants and the universe simultaneously and for all time. It will allow you and others to connect and to accept these contracts.  A change in the collective frequency is inevitable. To make agreements and contracts to issue forth and create the divine path for you to follow. What decisions and experiences will cause you greatest ascension and enlightenment.

When I discuss others, who are these “others?” They may be incoming mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, siblings, friends, enemies, confidants, color, sex, social status, money, health, etc. the entire pantheon of choices is quite endless during the contract negotiations and discussions process. All of these options and relationships are considered during the ascension meeting.  What may seem like the cruelest life may launch you into an entirely new level of consciousness. The ascension table creates the framework for possible growth, it is your actual experience, before, during, after that allows the ascension process to be fulfilled and the framework becomes alive with awareness.

The richness of participation as you meet the challenge of each contract and delve into the depths that only the joining of each Soul with the Universe can create. When you connect with the universal consciousness and feel this awareness, you experience the energy on the plane of consciousness where it permeates everything. It allows everyone to absorb this experience from a first-hand vantage point. The Divine Source actually feels from your vantage point through that precise point in you that is connected to the Divine Source, and through all layers of consciousness. The veil that separates this world from the divine is lifted during this time until the contracts are accepted and signed. All entities both here and on the collective plane within the universe feels from your vantage point. When you are injured, everyone feels you bleed. When you rejoice, everyone feels your happiness. Souls can be injured a hundred times, but the injury and the bleed is never identically the same.

Your experience is invaluable.

There is always a minuscule difference that makes your experience unique. It stands with all other similar experiences so that the Divine Source knows all literally, through all layers of consciousness.

Understand this and you will profoundly realize why connecting with the Universal Consciousness is critical for the Universe to remain healthy and balanced.

Would you be willing to do good or bad in the Divine Source’s name? All of this would be for the greater good and would resonate through the Divine Source’s hand. To encompass the universe which reverberates eternally with sacred frequency and you being at the epicenter. What sacrifice will you make to assist another Soul to experience what seems impossible, but necessary? You are so much greater than you believe you are. You can reach to deepest depths of change when you face the challenges of the ascension table. You volunteered to carry out the Divine Source’s will, so that you and everyone could experience through his hand everything that is or was or will be during this life, and the lives connected to this one.

All time existing at once through a paradox of offerings within the Divine’s hands. Endless variety lies ahead of you on that great long tunnel of time that you need to experientially consume. So that you can reach an even greater place than you agreed or can imagine. Ascension to higher dimensions is possible. The deeds ahead do not need to be great. The deed could be very simple. The deed could change a person’s soul in the most intrinsic way by a shift of frequency so tiny but so important, causing a change in your soul or  another soul that was never thought possible.

Do not limit yourself. Reach deep. Find that place within you to connect with the universal consciousness, so that you can go to that unknown place within your heart and soul. Connect with all that is, and you will reap the benefits of change and growth.

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