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Rip away your skin; Lay bare your Soul; Set your love free; What lies beneath that stubborn barrier of ego; Thy self? Thy love? Fragmented pieces that prevent us from reaching deep within our soul; Search deeply for the understanding that is at our core; The ability to experience oneness with the universe; Connect with universality on a DNA level; Explore with your soul, give it wings; Seek to the depths not known;

Put down the barriers preventing you from finding your way,Experience the journey as you depart to seek elsewhere;Find in others the fragments of you that have been missing so long;
Woven within my words are the pureness of light that your soul so desperately seeks;
Satiate your soul with the awareness that love permeates and seeks to set free;
and holds the entire universe together, woven so deeply as one;
beyond a world wrapped in existential senses;
One is an awareness of all
Irreversibly connected for all time sharing each experiential wandering;
Humanity a giant beating organism connected to the universe mind;
Sacred friends create within you a boiling cauldron of clarity to find yourself;
Peace; simple peace . . . #Clovistia

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