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Reincarnation 2: Karma?

Who are you in this life?

Do you have any memories of different people, times or places, not known or visited, in this existence?  

A man inherits a great deal of money and is so rich, that he cannot spend the money during his lifetime. Yet, in spite of the generosity that life has given him, he is a miserly individual.  He chooses to help no one. He acquires wealth his entire life. He sees starving children or animals, yet refuses to help anyone. He dies after hiding all of his money so that no one can have it.

In his next life, he may be born as a desperate child. He has no money, or means to make money. He may be orphaned and alone. In spite of all these adversities, he still receives no help from anyone and lives a challenging life. 

A man murders a young child and is never caught. In the murder’s next life, he is a child, who is murdered by an assailant, who is never caught. The concept is quite simplistic.
In fact, it is so simplistic it seems that it cannot possibly be true. Yet, what if it is?  

These scenarios are examples of how the soul might process different incoming data it acquires from each life experience. In order to learn both sides of a situation it may create two lives to start the situational affect, but as people interact, decisions are made and events occur the challenges amplify the Karma affect. Your Soul is thirsty for discovery; it grows and seeks paths to ascension to meet more challenges. 

Obstacles feed your Soul and offer a greater pantheon of rich choices to ascend quicker and quicker.
Lives are multi-faceted and emotions run through them like yarn on a loom.

What if your actions in this life, have been influenced by your actions in past lives? 
And your future life will be influenced by what you do now?

 This creates a veritable spiritual spider web of connections through the time compendium. By the end of your Soul’s time on this planet you will have been every gender, every color, every age at death, every social and health circumstance, every wealth class, you will die so many ways you cannot imagine, positive life vs negative life, and on and on. Mix up the specifics and circumstances, and at some point you will be a very experienced Soul. Does that surprise you?

kar·ma, noun;  
the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, 
viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.

The following image is an excellent representation of how karma is intertwined with different choices; male, female, white, black, rich, poor, happy, miserable, Africa, Egypt; so many choices. Notice that each letter is not a simple color, it has all the intricate details that are your past/present/future lives. Different colors, textures, aspects that are all unique to that particular life. The choices made by your Soul are joined together and cannot be separated. 

You, the past, the present, the future are all ONE; 
You make decisions as ONE, interact as ONE, you and your Soul are ONE. 
You are in fact one convoluted organism that exists in one specific moment in time called NOW, which is you.


Clovistia Karma

All Souls, including yours, want to ascend to a higher state of enlightenment to stop the sheer struggle that is the human experience. It is not easy to be human! Souls come to this planet to experience evil and challenges that are not offered elsewhere in the Galaxy. If the goal is ascension, a Soul has to go to the planets that offer the best challenges. 

Some challenges are hardship challenges, but others may be happiness challenges. Can you imagine a life where you have so joy, love and excess, that it adversely affects you, and the harder you try to correct the problem, the worse matters get?  

Your Soul is responsible for getting you into situations that are different than any of situations it has encountered, so that you, the personality, are put to the test to make the best decisions. This is where the concept of Karma comes into play.

Clovistia Galaxy

Your Soul thrives on challenges that make sense from a spiritual vantage point,  but it may make no sense to your human brain. It guides you to the exact experience it needs to fill in spiritual gaps to create ascension opportunities. Much of what your Soul does won’t even fit into your head. You are not programmed to understand the entire universe. But, you are programmed to seek guidance from beyond your understanding. You are programmed to learn about your Soul and find a way to work together. 

Finding solutions to very basic problems (protecting or being protected, food, shelter, work, etc.) on a daily basis orients us on a path. These basic problems cause you to dig deeper into your Soul for answers. How will you save those around you, and yourself, daily? 

The only way to end this circle of birth and rebirth, is to learn to work with your Soul and the Divine Source, through the Universal Consciousness. This team effort is the secret to your success and increases the possibility that you will ascend, and achieve an easier life the next time around. 


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