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Divine Nutrition: Proteins

What if what you eat determines your rate of enlightenment? What if you can take control of this enlightenment process to increasingly magnify your ascent by assisting your Soul on the journey to enlightenment that you mutually share?

Clovistia Soul Blending

Divine Nutrition is the Doorway to your Soul. Enlightenment is not simply prayers, rules, emotional adventures. It has nothing to do with carbs, fat or calories. The absolute core of enlightenment is hidden in specific nutrition that opens all your cells and DNA to be wide open to receiving the communication through the Divine Source and Universal Consciousness. This specifically is known as Divine Nutrition. Once you learn how to open this doorway you will have the ability to magnify your connection to the enlightenment process, and you will have a profound connection to the Divine Source through your Soul. You will have the KEY to enlightenment to add to your journey to enlightenment.

All living things have a Soul. Humans have a highly evolved Soul and connection to the Universal Consciousness, but all living things have their own frequency, sensory feelings and individual Soul connection. Animals have a higher connection than plants. Avians/reptiles/Insects have a higher connection than plants. But, all living things on this planet have a Divine Connection in some way. The Divine Source makes all decisions for each creature’s Soul and how evolved they will be. It is not for humanity to determine.

Clovistia Body Fragment

Humans must consider all the above aspects to stop the cellular destruction to the human body on a daily basis on a DNA level. Because this lack of understanding and respect is causing the connection with the Divine Consciousness to be fragmented. You can stop this fragmentation by educating yourself and making lifestyle changes. When Divine Nutrition is compromised and fragmented, you become stuck. Humans are not moving forward because of these nutritional obstacles. Humanity is currently lost.

Fragmentation is caused when our Universal Consciousness is assaulted, and this causes chaos on the astral plane. Because within that consciousness is the connection with the Divine Source. Let me explain in detail the issue that stands in your way. The consumption of animal/creature proteins is causing the fragmentation to accelerate, and this is allowing a ripple on the astral plane that is damaging all things.

Currently the meat packing houses in many countries combine and blend meat from various animals together into one large container prior to dividing and distributing. They combine all the meat protein together for convenience. But this actually causes the fragmentation to begin. Why? Because creatures have a soul. They are connected as well. They have their own soul path and rate of enlightenment, each soul is at its own spiritual level causing a unique frequency (please read “What Color is Your Soul?” And “Divine Frequency” to learn more about this phenomenon that affects all living things). When you take different creatures and blend the meat together the frequency of each animal is disrupted and instead of a positive frequency/energy generated by the protein, etc. which the animal would normally provide for you, it becomes a negative force. It allows a barrage of the different frequencies from so many creatures and it bombards your DNA. Each living thing has a Soul that is made up of a piece of God, divine light, karma, spiritual awareness, etc. Each creature’s Soul is a unique, beautiful, healthy color reflecting each animal’s soul path. However, when blended together it creates a synergy of black chaos of toxic negativity.

Each soul has a different level of ascension and by blending it together it ruins the ascension for each soul, causing a shift in the time compendium and a wave through the universe. It is wrong on a very intrinsic level to the universe. It causes the frequency to begin to breakdown which allows negative influences to begin changing your Soul path. You age faster, which limits your ability to achieve all that you originally are destined to achieve. It opens disease pathways; it fragments the connections to your Soul and Divine Source. This mass fragmentation can be seen on the astral plane. It is vitally important that you only eat the flesh/meat of a single animal when eating. This reduces the fragmentation but does not stop it. Consider mad cow disease.  This demonstrates what I am showing you. This disease is created by feeding cows ground up cow.  The spirit cannot handle the degradation. First, it is a massive combination of thousands of souls mixed together, Second, it is fed to the species it comes from.  This act is a strike against the intrinsic Divine Source within us.  It cannot be.  It must stop.

As much as possible, sacrifice and consume only one animal at a time.

The animal that you propose to eat must be sacrificed in a way that prevents it from being murdered. By your hands, you will cause this creature to cross over into the Divine light. All Divine entities are watching your reverence, your skills, your communication between the creature, Divine, your Soul, you. This moment is critical. Without it, if you attack and murder the animal, EVEN FOR FOOD, the fragmentation begins and frequency absorption that would nourish your Soul will be lost. All humans that partake of this murdered animal will spread the fragmentation to others, like a virus on the astral plane. Eating murdered animals inflames and magnifies the fragmentation, so at all cost, do not eat murdered and consume creatures. The animal you propose to eat should be sacrificed. You should be in a calm state. It should be held quietly. It should not be attacked. The knife used should be very sharp. The animal should be free of adrenaline. It should not have broken limbs. Prayers should be spoken. Patience. The strike should be purposeful and accurate. Preferred is to feed the animal and stand just behind the ears to give you maximum access to the neck area. As the creature quietly eats, a swift slice should be before along with prayers before and after. The blood should bleed out in the entirety. All religious books from the beginning of time have discussed the need to speak prayers and show appreciation and reverence before, during and after slaughtering. Taking a life is a serious matter. This reverence aligns the spirituality between the creature and human, thus clearing the path for proper divine consumption and growth. Once the creature is sacrificed it should be hung so all the blood is removed. This cleanses any remaining negativity. The Divine Source was very clear that humans should not drink blood. It transcends all religions. Why? Blood is considered a conduit for the Soul. By drinking it you expose your body and Soul, your entire journey to enlightenment, to be jeopardized.

Clovistia Native Hunter

Native Americans and other indigenous tribes perform prayers prior to hunting. These ask that an individual animal makes itself known to them, who is willing to be sacrificed. This is not a thought process by the animal. This is your soul asking the universal consciousness to send forth a creature that meets the spiritual criteria. This will all happen on the spiritual level. The creature willing to be sacrificed will become know and once it is sacrificed, prayers accepting this creature, giving it reverence and proper appreciation must be shown. The body must be shown respect. It must be skinned in a respectful way. The Divine Source knows what is in your heart and what acts you will inflict on this creature. Will you carelessly throw the body away or destroy it for pleasure? Your job is to have a quiet, respectful mind, eager to accept the gift that has been given. This allows the frequency to be absorbed into your being in a Divine way. It creates calm on the astral plane, reducing fragmentation and negativity. Humanity must seek this path.

When you eat protein sources correctly, and have reverence that it is a Divinely connected Soul, humans take steps forward the path that will heal the fragmentation between them and the Universal Consciousness.  In past older times, this issue did not exist.  It is an issue for modern times.  But it has created a very negative wave of negative energy that is permeating the universe, and this must be stopped. Humans must let the divine light be a conduit, and you cannot attain the purity of light energy unless you are able to purge these toxins from your body and cease adulterating your soul, so you are able to align your DNA with the Divine Source. These changes will remove obstacles to your spiritual growth.

Your best options are:
1)  Buy meat from someone you know who has sacrificed the creature properly.
2) Buy meat from a meat cutter that you trust to create meat options for you from one animal. If he grinds or blends  the meat from only one animal, it is totally acceptable, if it has been sacrificed properly.
3) Talk to these persons, whom you must rely on, and try to make sure they are telling you the truth as much as possible. If they lie, it is against their Soul and your integrity is preserved.
4) Avoid commercial products, where the bulk of the issues arise.
5) Make a decision to be vegetarian / vegan thus eliminating these issues.

Once you resolve this issue you will start the healing process in the universe. As more humans accept this understanding the energy will be magnified and the masses will begin to understand this concept.  Each day your soul will get a bit stronger, healthier, more enlightened, and that will permeate out into the universe. You have the choice to make a big difference, this is a time for all of humanity to band together in this quest.  Why do you think so many humans are alive right now in the world?  If you can share this knowledge with all humans and this spiritual synergy can shift the Universal Consciousness, humanity will feel the great frequency change.  It can heal the ripple that is damaging the universe.  You have more power than you can possibly imagine.

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