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Have you ever noticed that the Divine Source has given all the creatures on this planet the ability to survive, magically it would seem? Creatures seem to arrive into this life pre-programmed to survive. They seem to instinctively know how to seek safety, find food or water or shelter, recognize their mother, parents, tribe or herd. They have wisdom beyond their awareness. A small turtle is hatched and rushes towards the sea seeking water with no understanding of the sea or the consequences. How could it possibly know that the sea is safety? What is this unknown, unseen force that drives the turtle to the sea? and more importantly, why? This unseen force is known by many names; Mother Nature, Earth Mother, nature, instinct, intuition and many other names from around the world, and through time, that all attempt to name the phenomenon commonly known as instinct. This unknown, unseen controlling force that drives creatures to live, survive and thrive. Why are creatures born with it? Do they receive it by accident or design? Where does the hardwiring seem to come from? Why do they have it and we don’t? or do we actually have hidden knowledge and skills that are yet to be discovered?

If you place a human baby on the ground it is defenseless. Jump forward to age 10, and the mind seems to become aware of the concept of death, the finality of this act, the loss associated with it. You become aware of the idea that there is an expiration date on this life. Your life started and it will end, YOU will end. Your mind begins to seek a defense mechanism to prevent death, and questions begins to seep into your mind; why am I here? What happens at the end of life? Where do we go? Is it all just a black place when we die? Your daily thoughts seem to be invaded by these unanswered questions. Some of you will start earlier and some later, but the day will arrive when you begin to seek knowledge from an unknown, unseen source. You begin to feel a gut instinct, woman’s (Mother’s) intuition; a throbbing heart of premonition; or other physiological occurrence that wasn’t there yesterday. The bloom begins to open in your soul, and you begin to demand answers to these questioning thoughts.

Quite literally your Soul holds you in its hand, and the Divine Source holds your soul. This creates a bond that cannot be broken. The spiritual instinct from the Divine Source that radiates up through your Soul blooms as you begin your journey to enlightenment.

Clovistia Life - Soul connection

Spiritual instinct and intuition are present in the human mind later in life than other creatures, yet it is just as powerful and ingrained. It is cemented in your DNA. You know where you came from. When you wake up at 2 am asking yourself questions about death and dying, your senses desperately seek to completely perceive the awareness that is just out of your grasp. You realize that the little inner voice that creeps into your mind is right quite a bit of the time. Or the rumbling in your gut when you worry about something unknown, is just over the horizon. Or the palpation of your heart, when you know something is just moments away.

Can you remember any time in this life, when you felt this physical signal, but you pushed this feeling aside because the instinct was telling you, guiding you, to make a different choice than you wanted? It seemed to be trying to push its way into your thinking to help guide you? But you thought “what is this? It is telling me to do something that I do not want to do. I am going to ignore it and do whatever I want.” So, you make a choice against your gut instincts, against your better judgement. You ignore you Spiritual Intuition and set out on an unknown path. In the past, how did this turn out for you?

If it has not happened already, soon there will be a moment in time when you hit upon the connection with your soul. You will become aware that these physical signals have your best interest and they work. You will begin the initial steps to connect with your soul. It will take time. But your Spiritual Intuition will begin to bloom. It can take years or a fleeting moment. But, when it happens you will feel the connection with your soul, that goes so deeply, and is so innate, that you will wonder how you lived alone, without your soul connection, all these years. Because you will no longer be alone. You will be connected to your soul. The sheer divine peace of knowing that you are a team, walking the same path, seeking the same goals, sharing the same space together in the time compendium is perfection. It is there and it is real. It is your birthright to know your soul and to reap the benefits of Spiritual Intuition that only your soul can provide.

When humans stop ignoring and denying what is written inside your soul, and the connection with the Divine Source, the journey of life will be without boundaries. It is why you are here; reading these words. You are seeking the path. Your soul is guiding you to seek enlightenment. Be aware that the path is within you. You need look no further. It is time to begin your personal journey to enlightenment.

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