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The Power of One

The idea of a higher source and a connection with that source is a fundamental idea that is contained in all languages and religions through the course of history. Yet, we continue to search for deeper ideas and concepts to help explain that connection. We read religious books from other religions. We search for books and keywords that will satisfy our desire to deeply understand what that connection means. 

But, what does it really mean? 

How does it affect you personally? 

Can it affect your spiritual journey? 

If I made the statement that we are all “ONE” and the same, I bet you are going to say “what?!?” 

{Clovistia, through channeling this blog, attempts to help us understand what really happens on the astral plane, the universal consciousness, and our purpose in life to help push all of us forward to ascend in this life, to move to a higher dimension, and to become increasingly enlightened. Additionally, it is impossible to discuss the Divine Source without identifying a gender within the context of grammar.  This idea would result in my writing “It” repeatedly. I am offended by the term “It”, so I will use “He” to share the concepts.  However, this is not a statement of fact. Clovistia consistently identifies the Divine Source as gender-less.} 

Clovistia has channeled the following today to help increase your awareness: 

In the very beginning moments in time, the Divine Source shed His body into tiny little souls that rained down on the earth to create life. It was a wondrous time filled with joy and eager anticipation of the future. Each soul was given a coat of awareness to wear that was identified by the Divine Source, that would help each soul start their journey on the road to enlightenment. Each soul will eventually return to the Divine Source with knowledge that can only be learned and experienced on this physical plane.  While on the physical plane the Divine Source created a way for each soul to be joined together and that is through a cosmic consciousness, known by many names, but Clovistia chooses to use universal consciousness.  This consciousness is a direct conduit to the Divine Source so that he can experience every tiny detail of your physical experience. Your thoughts, feelings, emotions. Love. Hate. Pride. Fear. If both you and the Divine Source reside on the same astral plane, and He is ethereal, and you are ethereal then He cannot comprehend the feeling of being human. You MUST be incarnated as a physical being in some form for him to have the absolute genuine connection to understand this physical plane. He cannot understand this connection on the spiritual plane alone. He is so generous in His desire to help us succeed he gave us many lives to grow and experience all that we can learn. You will live as a man, woman, black, white, red, rich, poor, healthy, sick; the entire pantheon is available to your soul to increase the ascension opportunities. Because, at the end of all days of existence, when you finally learn all that the Divine Source has asked of you, your soul will return to Him. Your soul is in fact his spiritual child, his beautiful connection. His hand is on you, and literally a piece of Him resides in you.

Image your soul is like a tree trunk.

You are a personality on that trunk. You are like a branch.

You are part of the universal consciousness and everyone around you is connected to you.

Imagine one long thread that runs though everything, beginning with the Divine Source and ending with the Divine Source.

And everything, all time, all people, all events, EVERYTHING is in between.

Divine Source + your soul + you+ friends + relatives+ everyone + time + experiences, etc. is interconnected on the same astral plane through universal consciousness. Like a giant moving ball of energy, you continuously share with each other and the Divine Source. He knows what you really think of everyone. He knows if you walk in a life of truth. If you are a liar or thief. If you hate or love your spouse. If you are genuine. HE knows everything from both sides of the experience. This interaction can propel you to a higher ascension in this life or it can propel you down a harsh road where you will experience karma in real time. Rather you believe this or not makes no difference. You are here for the Divine Source and you are at the exact moment in time that will increase your ascension and experience for the Divine Source.

You Are On A Personal Wave
That is on the Astral Plane

As you have different experiences you share this info because you are part of the wave. You cannot move without everything around you moving. When you make a choice and cause an action, it reverberates through the universal consciousness, into the Divine Source and through all other souls on the astral plane associated with you and others, and they experience it in real time. One part of the wave cannot move without other parts. Water particles bump into each other, pushing and shoving. This creates a ripple effect that reverberates through the astral plane and universal consciousness. You are not standing alone affecting only yourself. NO! You are part of something far greater than yourself.   Your soul has a profound awareness of the connection between The Divine Source + your soul + universal consciousness and you. They are all intertwined. Your soul tries to give you signals from this shared awareness. Have you ever had a gut feeling? or the hair on your arms or back stands up when you see or hear something? They sometimes call it intuition. As you evolve and ascend to higher consciousness it is easier and easier for you to communicate with your soul. This opens the entire universal consciousness to you! It is a wonderful untapped resource just waiting for you to tap into it.  Listen to your soul. Humans know nothing about living because they are too focused on dying. It is time to live your spiritual journey that is your birthright. It is time to stop hiding and instead seize the opportunities in front of you. #Clovistia  

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