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God. Allah. Yahweh. Brahma. Artemis. Enki. Bagwan. Ahura Mazda. Jehovah. Zeus. Roog. Vishnu. Chukwu. Nyame. Olodumare. Ngai. Odin. Ea. ShangDi. Wakan Tanka. More….

The Divine Source is known by many names, but is in fact one in the same throughout millennia of time.

He alone created earth, humanity and many paths to follow him. Deep within you there is an underlying awareness that all Souls are interconnected and you are aware of the fact there is only one all-knowing Divine Source that powers everything that we do. From the beginning of humanity’s time until the end. Over the millennia many prophets and deities have shown humans the path to follow. The path you are all connected to. The Divine Source in whatever name you pray to or look towards for guidance. All of these paths are directly connected to the one all knowing Divine Source. So many paths, but only one master. No matter the name that is labeled on him. The Divine Source is all knowing. Endlessly compassionate. He loves humanity so much that he has given thousands of paths to follow to find him, to find a method to fill the void in your spirit that you are seeking. But, in fact the Divine Source is one. Humans face many directions on this planet when they pray and follow many rules, yet they all lead to one divine destination. Even religions with multiple deities, those deities have a master. It is these choices and opportunities that help guide your lives, to help you find the path you need to follow, to attain the enlightenment you all seek, aware or unaware.

Over the millennia, there have been a vast number religions that have came into existence, flourished, faded, and are now forgotten. Historically, this planet has teemed with religious life and opportunities. The Divine Source is so very generous and creates opportunities for everyone to succeed. If not in this lifetime then the next. Does that sound strange? Why would the Divine Source allow you only one lifetime to succeed or fail? No, he offers endless variety for a seeking Soul.

The Divine Source created the Universal Consciousness so that you are all interconnected on an individual basis. This is the path you are being guided to wherever you are. It is your personal circumstances that are so unique and valuable that is felt by the Divine Source. When you go to your Holy places and join in group prayers, you connect with this Universal Consciousness en mass which has a profound exponential effect on the entire group.  All the interconnected consciousness and frequencies of varied spiritual growth from each participant. The Divine Source is there to interact with you through Universal Consciousness which is the synergy and feeling you receive when you pray en mass. That vibration or a frequency or a oneness with the group is your connection. That moment of awareness and participation that you experience with the group is the Divine Source. It is that connection in a single moment in time. Many Souls crave this feeling and never miss group prayers. Once you understand that there is in fact an exchange of awareness between yourself, the group and the Divine Source you will accelerate your ascension and enlightenment.

The presence of the Divine Source reverberates through everything in the universe. Nothing happens without his sanction. The entire universe of everything you can possibly imagine is interwoven with endless possibilities, unconditional love and joining of all to create this world of humanity through the Divine Source. The roots of humanity run deep and were created from mere star dust and the hand of the Divine by his choice. You must understand that the different challenges and paths that are in your daily lives have a purpose and a meaning . You may see yourself as a small and unimportant part, that you cannot possibly make a difference, but you would be wrong. You are as important as anyone or anything. Once you begin to find your way and begin connecting you will share, grow, increase your enlightenment, and move to a higher level of consciousness and ascension. Follow your path and seize the moments son you can achieve so much more enlightenment. Resolve to acquire knowledge, open your heart to the Divine as you seek. This is your time. This is the moment in time you have been waiting for. It is yours to hold and possess. . . . #Clovistia

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