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Reincarnation 3: Will you be this “personality” for eternity?

Are you worried about heaven or hell?

What if you, and the memories of this life, cannot be erased by simply repenting?

What if YOU will be YOU, with all of your social and emotional baggage, for all eternity?

Consider the implications of each of your decisions. How do these choices impact you spiritually?

There is a fallacy that if you repent your sins, then all will be forgiven, and you will be absolved of all wrong doing.

This is a very interesting theory. Will your memories be forgiven or will they be erased?

The Divine Source is ever merciful and generous to his humans. He has stated repeatedly that he will forgive your sins if you repent with a pure heart. Granted this is true. But, will your memories and the string of events be erased, no.

The image below illustrates you and the memories associated with you.
They are like little diamonds surrounding you.  Each unique and individual.
These memories are part of you. They are attached and only the Divine Source can change that.

#Clovistia Reincarnation Eternity

You will make choices your entire life. You will impacted the all living things on earth in many, many ways. In some cases you may cause harm to others, break promises, commit crimes or atrocities, treat your loved ones badly.

Likewise, if you meet the challenges of life in an ethical way, all the memories in this lifetime are yours, you own them. You make the choices, you reap benefits, you cause the reactions. You saw a way to act or behave that you found beneficial to you personally. Having an awareness that any memory that is created by you will stay part of you forever, is a big incentive to do good acts and deeds.

This affects of your choices affect the entire time compendium on the astral plane. All memories affect the Universal Consciousness. which creates endless strings of DNA changes through time and space that affects everyone. 

Anyone that has been affected by your acts or omissions will hold these memories. These changes are housed in the Universal  Consciousness on the astral plane in the Akashic records. There is no erasing these memories! 

#Clovistia Akashic Records

This means that you own your memories and despite being forgiven they will
remain with you as part of you and your Soul’s Akashic record. 

Some humans try to hide from these memories by committing suicide. 

They think they will run away from this life and all the baggage that is attached to it.
But they will actually make matters worse! because in addition to the negative decisions,
they will now fall into the category of having committed suicide; forever.
Did someone find your dead body? Was that person traumatized by finding you?
Was an innocent blamed? 

Deeds that you have set into motion can last beyond when your life has ends.
You create memories that start rolling down a path like a snowball, and it keeps rolling until the motion has stopped.
If you willfully murder someone, the resulting spiritual reverberation will echo through your life and the lives of others; this cannot be erased. Your personality won’t have amnesia when it goes to a higher place. You will still be you. Think about it. 

Late at night, when you wake up at 2 am, do you think about death and dying? 

Do you wonder what will happen and where you will go? 

Do you fear that you will no longer be you and you will be lost into blackness? 

The good news is that you will arrive on the other side as you!
And you will be carrying all your spiritual baggage accumulated over your lifetime. 

This is you for eternity!

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