Spiritual Warriors

{Clovistia is a 12th dimensional star being from Pleiades. She channels information to the human that she refers to as Blessed Hostess, who is writing this. Please read her ABOUT section}

The entire planet is going through a dimensional shift, and you are here, right now, because you are part of it. Your divine energy is needed to join with the calling from the Divine Source to intervene on this planet and save it from the dark that is striving to envelope the light, to stunt the astral growth, to thwart the journey to enlightenment that you have chosen to participate in.

There is a call to spiritual arms to take this planet back. It can only be done from the astral plane through the universal consciousness, collective consciousness, spiritual channels, known by so many names. You may not understand with words, but your physical frequency is feeling it. Your physical body is being pulled to act. Your heart, your mind, your physicality, are being drawn to this Divine movement. Listen to your internal self, accept the joining with your soul, so that as a team, you are bigger and stronger.

We need spiritual warriors like yourself. You are here. You are reading my words. You could be anywhere else. But you are here. This is no accident. This is your soul showing you a new way of looking at things. No politics. No religion. No negativity. Just Divine. Pure Divine. Drawing you to the way that is needed right now. Our entire planet and entire civilizations have risen and fallen in the name of the Divine Source. Entire religions have come and gone. But the Divine Source remains. The collective consciousness beacons and the challenge of new growth remains.

Many of the souls and beings from the past are back. They have incarnated now. From Rome, Atlantis, Lemuria, civilizations unknown that have come before and will come after this time, from planets all over the solar system, from light years away, from Mars, Pluto, Orion, Pleiades and beyond. I, Clovistia, am from Pleiades. They are all here right now joining arms with you and your soul, as a profoundly vast spiritual team. We need every bit of divine astral energy to fight this war to save this planet. 

You are not merely a human, you have chosen to be here right now to learn. Choose. Grow. Engage. Open your spiritual gates to change. Your job is to learn the language of the divine astral plane, accept that you are part of it, join us as a participant. I need to teach you to understand the divine and to acquire awareness at a different frequency so your journey to enlightenment is faster and deeper. Your new frequency will align your soul with the vast divine group just mentioned. The synergy of this vast collective astral energy from the Divine Source is exploding right now and drawing souls like mega magnets. 

Dozens of lightworkers are channeling information and sharing the word through many different modalities and channels. You will see the message from so many, but the thread begins with the Divine Source and is the same. You are on this planet for this reason. You waited on the other side until the time was right. Those of you understanding my words are spread all over the planet, taking up arms against the darkness that is growing in the universe. If you are reading this and understanding this, you are one of those who has chosen to walk this road with the other Spiritual Warriors right now and others will soon join us. The safety of your home planet depends on this movement, now is the time to wake up and step forth and join our arms together on the astral plane creating a powerful, impenetrable wall of energy. Consciously join the divine spiritual movement and feel the frequency change ripple within your physical body and consciousness. 

Recognize your enlightened brothers and sisters. I ask of you to look within, listen to your soul, listen to your dreams. 

This is all for now. Clovistia. 


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