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Oceans Of Love

Love is the binder that is woven within our cells. Uniting each to the sender of love… Permeating the souls around us as we pass… Attaching each of us to the universal consciousness… Which binds us for rich divine growth… Imagine yourself in a vast ocean of love… With swirls of love satiating within your cells and around you… As you move…

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Truth Within

Rip away your skin; Lay bare your Soul; Set your love free; What lies beneath that stubborn barrier of ego; Thy self? Thy love? Fragmented pieces that prevent us from reaching deep within our soul; Search deeply for the understanding that is at our core; The ability to experience oneness with the universe;

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Ripples of Kindness

A simple act of kindness can resonate with a rippling effect that will permeate the souls around us creating harmony in our shared Universal Consciousness and is profoundly enhanced when our DNA is open through Divine Nutrition.

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