Join host Grace Star with a new channeling by Clovistia in this podcast about the spiritual connection between humans, creatures and plants. Learn how to be mindful when purchasing and consuming food, as well as the importance of humane treatment of animals. Additionally, discover the healing frequency of creatures and plants, and how there is a special connection with the divine source. Gain insight into how eating properly can facilitate your divine connection, healing ourselves and others.

Today Clovistia is channeling to me with pictures and I am going to do my best to translate, so here we go.

There is a Doorway to the Soul that you need to be aware of to access and reap the greatest enlightenment benefits during your lifetime, which is why you are here on this spiritual road. My words are not new, but they have been forgotten by many across time. 

Your human mind needs to wake up and be aware that there is an absolute connection between your physical body and the divine source that is exchanging continuously. Once you fully grasp and accept this idea, it opens an entire doorway to your soul’s spiritual growth in an entirely new way. 

There is a relationship between what you eat and when you eat it because 

It is important for humans to understand that living creatures that are born from parents, each and every one, have a soul and level of spiritual awareness and consciousness that humans are completely disconnected from. Humans do not think that creatures have a spirit, soul, or spiritual connection to anything at all. They think they exist and go into nothingness at the end of their life. God is not so wasteful to simply throw away souls and spiritual energy in this manner. 

When you consume creatures that have a soul and a level of enlightenment, you accept the consequences of how that animal was raised, cared for, slaughtered, prepared for consumption and consumed; and the impact of that consumption on your spiritual journey. All creatures, great, small or unseen share a connection with the Divine Source. It is true. 

Each creature has attained its own level of consciousness different than human beings. They carry and share a different type of consciousness. And although they are not aware of their impending death, they are very much aware of their experience as a living creature and they do make choices to avoid injury and demonstrate self-preservation. All creatures, even insects, will avoid the shoe if it is headed their way. 

So the divine source knows exactly what the animal has experienced in relationship to your abilities to control the lifestyle and situation for the creature. 

Let me tell you what she is showing me to channel to you, its kinda complex, but hold on…. I am going to describe the image

If you can visualize for a moment the divine source as a large energy orb and your human self as a smaller energy orb and the creature as a smaller lesser orb. The lifestyle and slaughter and consumption of the animal generates a frequency that goes through you and up to the divine source. 

I am not sure you can visualize this image that she is showing me, but this action allows for the transmission of the connected frequencies between the 3 to be received by the divine source to know all that is happening, what your intent is, the experience of the animal, the behavior of those around that participated. So much more is happening that you can possibly imagine or that I can express.  

When you understand this concept, it will make it impossible for you to disrespect any creature because you will in fact be harming and certainly damaging the divine connection and consciousness contained within the creature as well as your own divine connection affecting your spiritual growth and journey. 

Your job as the consumer is to make sure that the creature is raised in a compassionate environment with humans that do no harm during the growing process. If the human truly cares, it is even better. 

They should be fed food that does not contain meat from other creatures, which ruins the divine connection. 

Consider ground meat, as an example. Currently some butchers, combine meat from many individuals that are grouped together and then ground up into large mixed amounts to be sold. Literally at times, in commercial packing houses there may be parts from thousands of steers or cows that are blended together to make ground beef to be sold in individual packages. 

If you blend all of these different Souls together it creates is a kind of mix of toxic negativity. Because each soul has a different level of spiritual growth, including the human consumer which is yet another frequency. By blending these frequencies together it challenges the spiritual growth for each soul. 

I know it is hard to grasp, but when this negative product is consumed it is no longer fuel for the body, it has a destructive behavior so that on your cellular level these creatures cells create chaos in the human body and ill soul health which is a negative frequency. Which leads to endless spiritual and physical health problems. You have to understand this, so that you can remove this negative behavior from your lives, and so your soul can acquire spiritual health for you. This is the doorway to your soul that is needed as it will nourish your body properly leading you to change in your current frequency to be a healing frequency. You have the choice as a human to decide. 

Be aware of how each animal is raised, how it is respected, what it is fed, what its lifestyle is, your interactions with it, all interactions affect the soul of the animal and that determines its level of spiritual growth which impacts the human body. When you raise this animal there is a bond of connection that goes much, much deeper than what humans accept it to be. It is an actual joining of the God part in you and the god part in the animal, a spiritual point that grows and develops into a profound spiritual connection. If the creature is blessed, either halal or kosher, it is best. But, in all cases humane treatment is a must. 

You have the choice to make a big difference, this is a time for all to band together in this quest.  

You may say that you do not have access to raise an animal. Alternatively, you can go to a meat store and ask for a specific individual creature to be prepared for you. Simply use a single animal, not a mix. You can also join with like-minded individuals and possibly buy a single animal from a local reputable rancher that follows the rules that we are talking about. When you buy a portion of one animal and make ground beef all from the same animal, it is a positive step. Just use one section of an individual for your meat source. When possible, buy grass fed and free range. 

Think about what you are buying, you are the judge of the consequences for you and the animal. Then make the best choice, always looking for better options each time you buy. 

By joining with others to buy a single individual that you can share the choices of meat you enhance the synergy. There are options out there. 

If your meat is halal or kosher, make sure that the method of slaughter was the truth and that humane treatment and conditions were met and absolutely followed. When possible be present to witness what will happen and monitor the humanity. 

Now let’s turn your attention away from creatures to plants. The vibration and frequency of plants is absolutely healing to the human body, but I doubt that you are aware of that interchange. When you hold the plants seeds in your hands and plant them into the ground, tend them, water and care for them, you create a very special connection with the Divine Source and with the plant. If you knew or understood how this affects you, all of you would seek it out time and time again. 

Many of you will not understand this divine connection between you, the plant and the divine source. 

Your body continuously exchanges frequency with the divine connection at its optimum if you eat products at the right time of year and rest in between harvest cycles and different plant products, which is why that all plants yield a harvest at different time of the year in your local area. 

For example if you eat a certain plant that is harvested in April, the following month you naturally will eat the plants that are harvested in may, but you are not aware that the plant in May will detox the April plant because each plant has its own frequency and has a spiritual body.  

In your area you may be able to buy and consume certain plants all year round. But, your frequency is affected by eating the right plants at the right time of the year. The plants in your area have a growing season that is consistent with the weather conditions, soil and water quality, environmental factors. For instance, plants are intended to be harvested once a year. They are planted, tended, harvested, talk, yes, talk to your plants and develop a relationship with them. It is not only me telling you this, but it has been scientifically proven that plants and trees respond to communications and attention throughout their lives before you consume them. Make sure they are naturally ripe, because all of this matters and allows the nutrition to be absorbed completely spiritually. 

Growing your own plants may not be possible in your area, but you can seek local farmer’s markets or make relationships with those that have access. 

Eating certain plants all year round doesn’t allow for your body to detoxify and rest throughout the year. Different plants have different energy factors that affect your body and it needs to rest. By eating from your local available harvest, your body will naturally cycle through these choices which has physical and spiritual health benefits. Not only can you consume plants, herbs, creatures, insects, etc, you can also make them into Medicinals that are fuel for your body and soul. 

There is something so intrinsic about what happens inside your body between the divine connection when you connect with plants and creatures and nature. 

It is this spiritual connection that must drive our choices as we move forward in hopes of healing ourselves and our planet.  You cannot expect to heal your own soul and at the same time be cruel to other people, animals, plants, mammals, living things. This is a profound issue that you must understand before your healing frequency can progress. 

Humans cannot stand as a single individual frequency alone, you should stand connected with others and when all are moving in the same direction with the same healing frequency  the power is great. 

Imagine if 8 million souls truly believed that their actions can make a difference. 

What if you understood the effect that eating has on your spiritual body.

Everything you eat, plants, creatures, insects etc vibrates at a different frequency. Which is the critical point to understand. 

By eating properly and awareness of your divine connection, the exchange of divine energy that flows will maintain not only your spiritual growth and health but will also facilitate the healing for others and then the whole of humanity and the planet.