In Episode 1, Clovistia talks about the need for a healing frequency that may assist humans with the conversion of the toxic to healing frequencies to help the planet. The attached frequency was created by Clovistia and the Divine Source for the benefit of humanity. Spiritual warriors are needed. Please listen to the healing frquency.  

Welcome to the continuation Clovistia’s channeling in episode 1 and how much you are needed as a spiritual warrior.

The following special frequency was channeled by Clovistia and the Divine Source, because it may permeate your original frequency so, it can be adapted to the new healing frequency that is needed, please join forces with us . . .

Listen to the sound and connect to the planet.

Feel the sound of healing. 

Our planet has a harmful and toxic frequency around it.

When humans join together as one, 

the healing frequency will reverberate thru your auras and resonate like an envelope around the planet, to begin healing the toxic frequency.

Humans all over the planet have great power when joined together.

Imagine if, 8 billion souls truly believe that their action can make a difference.

Take a few moments to experience this healing frequency.