Frequently Asked Question

Who Is Clovistia?

Clovistia has been revealed to be a 12th Dimension Star Being from the Pleiades Star Cluster. She has a goal of helping humanity during a troubling time that is yet to come. All of her blogs are intended to awaken mankind to prepare for this coming change. This is a journey, we invite you to visit often and share it with us.
For more Clovistia details, please review the About page and her blogs.

How Many Different Dimensions Are There?

This information has not been revealed yet.

Who is Blessed Hostess?

She is the person who has agreed to channel Clovistia. Clovistia is actually Blessed Hostess’ star-self, who has returned from the 12th dimension to impart wisdom to humanity. Occasionally you will see notations that Blessed Hostess was the author of a blog post. Mainly, you will see this under Past Lives. Blessed Hostess has a memory of dozens of past lives and will be sharing those progressively, as directed by Clovistia

Do you have questions or comments for clovistia?

Please use the communication box at the bottom of all pages. Whenever possible Blessed Hostess will answer your comments when the information is provided by Clovistia.

Where does the sacred geometry come from?

Each blog post has images which are chosen by Clovistia, or created at her direction. Often times while searching thousands of image for just the right image for a post, amazing Sacred Geometry will be found. These are shared for your enjoyment.

Does the Divine Source have a gender?

Clovistia channels information about the Divine Source that she refers to as the single all-knowing entity know as God, Allah, and an endless list of names. Every God that has been followed through known history is in fact the single Divine Source that created all in the very beginning and is genderless. At times, I have to use a male “HE” to have proper grammar, but it has been shown to me over and over that the Divine Source is in fact genderless. Gender is a subject for life on this planet only.