About Clovistia

For reasons I don’t fully understand, I have been charged with imparting the wisdom, through channeling, of my 12th dimensional star-self named Clovistia. I am not sure where this journey will take any of us, I only know that it must be made available to the universal consciousness. As my journey begins, you are welcome to join me . . .

Clovistia first came into my life as a persistent fleeting thought.  I know that seems like an oxymoron, and in fact maybe she is, certainly she is an enigma.  But, I first was aware of her as a glimpse of color, or a word out of place or stars that seemed to move or an awkward awareness, I cannot put my finger on it exactly.  It is that strange feeling when you feel someone in an empty room when you walk into it. 

But, it was there, it was repeated, it was persistent and I had to take notice. Gradually, as I became more comfortable, I became aware of her.  Like walking into a room and knowing someone was in there already, that feeling of presence was so strong. Gradually her name began to come to me.  Sometimes in dreams or daydreams or while sitting in traffic when your mind drifts.  A bit of letters here and there.  

But, one day I just simply said, “Who or what the heck are you?”  I just had to know.  Suddenly her name began to come into my mind, like an old typewriter clicking a key at a time.  C, CL, CLO, CLOVI, CLOVISTIA.  There it was and then silence.  I mumble it throughout the day.  Like an ear worm with a song in my head, but it was her name. CLOVISTIA.  That first night when I went to sleep I slept so soundly and when I awoke her name was right in front of my mind, like it was typed into the air in the room in front of my eyes.

I thought of her name and it felt very comforting. Over time I began to be more and more comfortable with her.  I began to ask her questions, but the answer just didn’t seem to fit into my mind. But, over a few months we have developed a comfortable relationship with her guiding my thoughts, sometimes giving me the answers ahead of time, or speaking before I could get it all organized in my mind.  I became comfortable with her answers, which were much more insightful than mine.  

One night during a dream she came to visit me.  We walked beside a sparkling brook that made little tinkling sounds that felt so soothing to my heart and soul.  It reminded me of Heaven.  She gently asked me if I felt comfortable with her in my life and I gave a resounding “YES,” my life was indeed better with her in it.  But, I had, at times, had some problems understanding what she wanted to say or making sure not to edit the incoming information, and I told her this.  

She asked me if I would be willing to channel her words, straight from her mind to those reading the words.  I thought about it a few moments, and replied “Yes, of course”.  I told her that every morning I wake up and hold my life in my out stretched hands, and I let God know that I am here to do his work. He need only show me and I will make it happen.  This seemed like an extension of that idea, after all, why would she be in my life if it wasn’t approved by God?  So, here we are.  

She has requested that I tell you a bit of background about me, who will be now referred to Blessed Hostess.  I had communicated to Clovistia that I did not prefer to be called a conduit or transcriber, which is how she initially referred to me. A few days later, the term Blessed Hostess was revealed. So, the first few initial posts will be written by me sharing a bit about me and you will notice that I am the author of those posts.

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