Today I have channeled my 12th Dimensional Star-Self named Clovistia. She has shared the following with us. My spiritual friend named “K” assisted us.

K:  Take a deep, deep breath, let your spine really relax into the chair. Let your eyes begin to relax and your body become very still. Allow your energy field to become very still. We need an inner stillness in order for the channeling energy to be received. We are creating a sacred space and in this sacred space all energy is provided for protection for you, myself, Clovistia and others.  We must create the sacred space with love and grace, with healing intentions, with truth and integrity surrendering to the highest and best for all concerned. Imagine yourself as a hollow bone able to receive any channeled information . . . and welcome Clovistia . . . I feel your presence . . .

K:   Do you have some information that you wish to impart at this time? Something that you would like to share?

Me:  I have a variety of Angels that have arrived with Clovistia. We are apparently going for a walk back in time, arm in arm.

This channeling experience is different from last time and I am more able to communicate with Clovistia. We are all going back through time.  We are standing on a high hill looking down into a magnificent valley and my initial reaction is “It is beautiful beyond words” and I realize the earth was so much more beautiful back then.

K:   Clovistia what wisdom do you have to share from this era?  Why is it important to go back and understand those roots?

Me:  Clovistia is showing me different meaningful words like love, trust, patience. Now she is showing me the word DNA and earth’s timeline. She is saying that humanity is only a speed bump for a moment.

K:  Why is humanity only a speed bump for a moment?

Clovistia:  It was an accident that became an experiment long, long ago. During this timeframe the local indigenous humans did not have the ability to genetically acquire evil, because they were very compassionate, benevolent, loving, peaceful creatures. Evil could not reside within them. In that time, this planet was a very safe harbor, where the peace, understanding and generosity was so intense that you could taste it here. Souls from other parts of the Universe would come here to experience these limited spiritual growth opportunities as a place to rest and rejuvenate themselves. However, once the mixing of DNA was discovered it changed everything. When it was further discovered that the new humans had the ability to manifest extreme evil like no other place in the Universe things changed again.  The depth of depravity that Souls can now experience is unprecedented if not in human form. Many Souls seek to incarnate as humans in order to experience this evil from a DNA vantage point. Souls have learned to use this opportunity of experiencing evil as a new found method to multiply their enlightenment very quickly. All evil is not extreme, it can be simplistic.  It only requires that it be intentional, that the intent to hurt others is achieved, personal enjoyment is received by causing this pain, there is a place inside that reverberates when the evil is sufficient. Depravity is not a required aspect, but is often exhibited.  

You cannot understand good without evil.

Evil teaches lessons unique to this planet. Within humans beings there is an aspect of them which can be absolute evil, very cruel, very raw evil and some Souls are eager to evolve faster so they come here to experience the concept of evil and all the entanglements that come with it. If you only experience good you do not grow.  Evil generates a wide pantheon of emotions and choices. It is this inner turmoil of choices that causes the Soul to evolve and ascend rapidly, to achieve a higher enlightenment much quicker.

Souls seek this turmoil through many lifetimes to grow.

This planet is ripe for discovery of new found experiences. Hold up a coin and imagine that one side is good and the other evil. They go together and rely on each other to show the depth of each side.  You cannot know one without the other. You need to assess from a different vantage point, the vantage point of the Soul.  Humans have entitlement issues.  If your Soul’s job is to enter this life, absorb experiences and then to depart from this life as a higher ascended Soul, as discussed in my previous blog “Universal Consciousness”, then you need a wide array of experiences to do just that. You need to see evil for what it is; a vehicle for your Soul to use to gauge your emotions, experiences and responses so that you can identify the depth of good on the other side of the coin. How deeply can we love?  how much happiness can our hearts hold? how much peace is too much? Are good things really never ending? Evil helps you understand the depth of difference between truce v war, forgiveness v blame, friendship v enemy, unity v alone, teamwork v individual efforts, do you see the chain that connects all things?  Understand that there is an aspect of human beings that is so evil that if left alone by itself, unchecked by law, or religion, or God, or anything else, they will go out, categorically and they will do extreme evil to each other and the entire planet. There is also the Souls who fight this aspect of evil throughout many lifetimes and discover just how extremely good human souls can be.  The out pouring of love, compassion, selflessness, acceptance, joy.  All of these adjectives, both good and evil, come from places deep within ourselves and are expressions of the growth of different levels within the soul, that only enlightenment understands.

What can you do?

You can plug into the Universal Consciousness so you will be better able to understand evil for what it is, to see these life experiences that evil generates for what they are, and use them to evolve and grow during this lifetime. You will be less of a victim and be better able to guide your own destiny. The journey to enlightenment is many layers and components.  Understanding evil is a single step. You must try to connect with the Universal Consciousness to seek a greater, higher ascension. 

I will discuss more components in coming sessions, for now, I must go …  #Clovistia

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