Clovistia:  The ability of the human body to open its DNA and cells to receive divine ascension and awareness so you can nourish the soul begins with a primal awareness of nutrition.  I recently talked about protein consumption and the fact that all living things have a soul residing within it.  Some living things have a large, deep soul awareness and are more complex creatures, while others have smaller awareness as determined by Divine Source.  This extends to all botanical life as well.  Eating living things is a vital aspect to understand.  Humans should not eat a protein source that has died or is already dead.  When you prepare to consume you have to be aware of what you are really doing and to understand the aspect of the soul where, in a higher sense, the protein source gives itself up to you while it is alive. This is strictly on a higher spiritual level that the Divine Source has ordained, that we must be aware of and recognize (the living creature has no such awareness, it is strictly on a spiritual level). But, on a higher spiritual level the protein or produce source acknowledges that giving their life will be for you, and there is a spiritual acknowledgement prior to the sacrifice that happens on the spiritual side that your cells and DNA are actively participating in, that you will directly affect your DNA/cells once you consume the food source.  If you were hunting in the wild, an animal would be directed to you from the higher source, you would then treat the protein source (animal, fish, mammal, etc) with great respect.  Hunting/slaughtering/capturing it with great care, connecting with it on a spiritual level, consuming it with deep respect, wasting nothing it has given to you. It is not spiritually healthy to simply murder whatever you come across, eat a small amount, throw the remaining body away.  This is spiritually heresy and damages you spiritually. This will delay your ascension.  This is a very primal requisite that the Divine Source has given all mankind for millennia which is completely ignored.

These aspects need to be understood to be successful on the road to ascension and enlightenment. Eating is a stepping stone to higher advancement, it is the truest essence in a cycle of life that opens the DNA to receive the next steps to ascension. I know that sounds complex, but it is really incredibly simple. The way that humans consume food vs the way they receive divine awareness has a correlation they MUST be aware of. Simply putting food into your body does not feed your soul, the human body was designed to be a factory for your soul by opening your DNA and cells to receive the truest acquisition of divine in cells. We must prepare our cells for this acquisition. Consumption was meant to create a vehicle for your DNA to ascend. When you eat properly the doorway to your DNA opens to allow divine awareness to resonated throughout the cells. When the cells are wide open you receive deep, pure divine awareness that changes all aspects of your ascension, it becomes a vehicle for you to attach components to.  From this basic point, you add on the aspects of the soul that you are probably aware of: truth, mercy, generosity, appreciation, etc. But, that comes later once your doorway is primed and opened by your hard work of learning to consume properly.  Once you understand that you MUST treat all living things with respect, and specifically when you intend to consume it, then you have a solid basis to begin your journey to enlightenment and you have the truest road to follow.  Those that have spent time in a garden or raised an animal for butcher will understand this connection that grows between caregiver and care-receiver. There is a feeling of amazement within you when you plant a tiny seed and grow it to the point of consumption.  You have nourished the product and your soul.  This intrinsic point is what I am talking about, and you will feel it, you will be drawn to it, your soul will guide you, you need to listen to that thing called “gut”.  Let me train your gut so you will understand what it is trying to impart to you. That ‘gut’ feeling that many humans have, but ignore. That feeling comes from the Divine Source, it is your soul trying to guide you. Let me help you be aware of the divinity within the simplicity, so that your journey to ascension and enlightenment can begin.  


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