Today was the first day for me to try my channeling skills and I realized I have a lot to learn to develop this skill.  It is not as easy as it looks and I have done my best in this first session.  I have a holistic friend guiding the dialogue who is known as K and I am identified as Me.  This is definitely not like hypnosis, because I was awake the entire time.  It was somewhat like a deep guided meditation. I could feel her kind of take over my voice and mannerism because it changed my demeanor, my responses. In my mind, I could see and feel what she was trying to express.  So, here we go . . .

K: Relax, take some big deep breaths.  Let yourself begin to deeply relax.  Relax.

Me:  [ After a few moments, I get into a relaxing space, my breathing is deep and even,  and try not to allow myself to edit the incoming information, we begin: ]

K: Where would you like to begin Clovistia?

Clovistia: The vastness of space in relation to the plane of conscious understanding.

There is a vibration on the time compendium. 

We need to be conscious of understanding of the eternal order.

Quest for the universal understanding.

Be aware of the corruption of humanity.

K:     Clovistia are these things you want to address?

Me:  I’m conflicted between talking as myself or letting her take over the conversation. Its hard to just let go and sit aside, to try not to help out.

K:     Just let her talk.  Take a big deep breath, you are going to stay right there and you are going to listen. Just listen to her and don’t edit the incoming info, just let it flow through you, this is how you begin learning to channel. 

Me: I’m having a little problem with the language she’s trying to speak, it hurts my throat.

K: So, at this time I am going to ask, I see two of you coming forth, so I’m going to ask the translation to be through English. So allow whatever translation energy, whatever box of energy that needs to be used, so it is in English, so she can relay Clovistia’s message.

K: Clovistia, what are trying to say?

Clovistia:  Human consciousness is on the wrong path, we need to connect with universal understanding. Mankind is lost.

K: What is the remedy for that clovistia?

Clovistia: Things are being taught incorrectly, and corrections need to be made. We have to make major changes, so we can move freely forward into the light of ascension.

K: Such as . . .

Clovistia:  We are doing cellular destruction to the human body on a daily basis and that is causing the divine consciousness to be fragmented. So, we are not moving forward because of these obstacles. We are currently lost.

K: Ok, can you explain what is causing the fragmentation?

Clovistia:  Fragmentation is caused when our universal consciousness is assaulted. Because within that consciousness is the connection with God. Consider ground meat, as an example. Currently the meat packing houses are blending meat together, literally at times, there may be thousands and thousands of souls that are blended together, and the toxic negativity created by the process needs to stop.  I use the term souls because it is more accurate than simply calling it protein. The term soul better describes the divine aspect and is easier to understand, because all living things have a soul, a part of God, a desire to ascend to a light being, a soul journey in very simplistic ways.  Each living thing has a Soul that is made up of a piece of God, divine light, karma, spiritual awareness,  a desire to become enlightened and other aspects to be discussed later. When they blended all of these Souls together what it creates is a kind of mosh of toxic negativity. Because each soul has a different level of ascension and by blending it ruins the ascension for each soul, causing a shift in the time compendium and a wave through the universe, because it is wrong on very intrinsic level to the universe, but for each human that blend causes destruction on a cellular level, because there are incompatible levels of divine energy in each meat source of each individual creature and when blended together it creates negative synergy. I know it is hard to grasp, but when it is consumed it is no longer fuel for the body, it has a destructive behavior so that on your cellular level cells are negatively destroyed creating chaos in the body and ill soul health. We have to understand this, so that we can remove this negative behavior so you can move forward and get back to your journey to enlightenment, and ultimately continue the journey to your place in the universal consciousness so that the vibrational frequency of all humanity will be fulfilled. Your soul’s desire to finish this journey, that will allow you to attain a higher status of light being, of finding enlightenment. This means that you have to have respect for this negative energy source.  You cannot ignore it.  In past older times, this issue did not exist.  It is an issue for modern times.  But, it has created a very negative wave of negative energy that is permeating the universe, and this must be stopped. You have to let the divine light be a conduit, and you cannot attain the purity of light energy unless you are able to purge these toxics from your body and cease adulterating your soul, so you are able to align your DNA, so that ascension can happen and at the moment, we are destroying that opportunity that we have in front of us, because you are not understanding. It’s not just ground meat either.  Imagine cheese, which is from the blending of many individual’s milk, or lard, which is the cooking of many individual bodies into a toxic spiritual mix.  How that animal is slaughtered, how it was is respected, what it is fed, what its lifestyle is, all affects the soul of the animal that determines how it will impact the human body.  God intended that we kill one animal by our own hands. We should pray over it, treat it with respect, prepare it with reverence and cook it properly, we should them consume it without wasting any of it.  It is a universal Circle of Life.  But, if we eat this toxic blend of multiple souls, it will have a negative impact, as I mentioned above. Compare this to mad cow disease.  It is created by feeding cows ground up cow.  The spirit cannot handle that. First, it is a mosh of thousands of souls mixed together, Second, it is fed to the species it comes from.  This act is a strike against the intrinsic God within us.  It cannot be.  It has to stop. God was very clear that we should not drink blood, and if you do a bit of research you’ll notice this concept transcends all religions.  Why?  Blood is considered a conduit for the soul, by drinking it you expose your body and soul, your entire journey of enlightenment, to be jeopardized. When we eat the correct meat source, and have reverence that it is a soul, we take steps forward the will heal us.  It will help remove obstacles to our spiritual growth. It will start the healing process in the universe when the masses understand this concept.  Each day your soul will get a bit stronger, healthier, more enlightened, and that will permeate out into the universe. You have the choice to make a big difference, this is a time for all to band together in this quest.  Why do you think so many people are alive right now in the world?  Imagine if we can share this knowledge with everyone and that synergy and power can make a change to the universe.  It can shift the collective consciousness.  It has heal the ripple that is damaging the universe.  You have more power than you can possible imagine.

Many people are trying to switch by becoming a vegetarian, but the trick is that even if you do not consume meat, but eat cheese and drink milk, it does not solve the problem.  It continues to create issues with the soul negativity described above. Many people consider themselves Ethical Vegetarians, meaning that if an animal had to die so that they could eat, then they will not eat it.  But, they are ok with cheese, milk, eggs.  I actually don’t have that many issues with eggs, as long as you eat one egg at a time and the hens are fed properly and treated with respect. It is this spiritual connection that must drive our choices as we move forward in hopes of healing our own souls.  You cannot expect to heal your own soul and at the same time be cruel to other people, animals, plants, mammals, living things. This is a profound issue that you must understand before enlightenment can progress.  The image at the top of this page was chosen by me, and represent the universal consciousness and connections we all share with each other, the universe, God and more. We don’t stand alone, we stand connected and when all of us move in the same direction with the same mindset there is synergy beyond your understanding.  

K: Clovistia do you have anything to add?

Clovistia: The answer is single source for all these products.  One animal = one product.  Eat it and then create more to consume. Easy. Simple. But, above all, we must begin to truly understand the depth of the affect of the interconnection between us all and the power of that.

K: Anything else?

Clovistia:  We will discuss more on this topic on other days.  For now, I must depart.

K:  Thank you Clovistia.  


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