Eventually, the burden of trying to please two Gods, not letting my parents find out anything about my spiritual journey, and hoping that something or someone would rescue me, was becoming a big burden.  Years passed, but each night I said my little prayer, asking for help or guidance.  When I was 17 years old  my wish was granted and I had a tragic horseback riding accident. I know it seems like a strange thing to be thankful for, but it was the beginning of everything else that was to follow, because I found myself on the other side in Heaven. I know other people write about their near death experiences, stating that it is beyond words, and I would agree with that. They say how magnificent the beauty is and it cannot be described, and I would agree with that. They say the feeling of God’s presence resonates through you, and I would agree with that. It was in this moment of awareness of Heaven that I realized that thought was absolute.  I cannot completely explain it, but when you thought of something it happened, and there was not language, just awareness. I understood immediately what the angels were saying and I realized that language had been replaced by thought. It expanded my mind immensely and I began to understand the world around me. I began to wish that there was someone to help me during this experience, suddenly, I became aware that something was beside me. I turned to see a smiling, loving Angel, who was by my side to help me.  She gently said I had to go back and I nodded my head in agreement. But, I asked if I could ask just one question? She nodded yes and as I looked up at her radiating eyes, I asked “Why life?” I became aware that I was standing on a high hill with golden soil, and I was holding my arms out wide to each side. Wind began to whip through me, yes the knowledge in the wind streamed through me. Faster. Faster, I was engulfed in knowledge and awareness. Then, in a blink of an eye, I was smashing through time like a rocket, tumbling head over heels, time swirling around me, and abruptly I was back at the very beginning of time. . . Yes. The exact moment that all time began for humanity and the awareness I cannot describe. But, all of my senses were fully expanded. I could know and see everything far beyond our normal sensory experiences, and I had a lot to learn . . .


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